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Welcome everyone to my New Writers Blog! Lets start with a shame-less book plug for my book, Addicted To Dimes, (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat), Which was released on & Barnes & late Nov, 2012 and May 16th 2013, My *EBOOK* Launched on Amazon Kindle for only $4.88 * …Did I tell you they both make a great gift for the Holidays?

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Now let me help you with some *Social Media Marketing* Tips & Advice with you. Why you ASK?….Because just about all the help you need about marketing your wares on the Internet is at one of my *Favorite* Media Marketing Blogs…… Please meet “Wendy McCance” her Blog site has the MOST BANG for your BUCK when it comes to social media marketing, making extra money on your Blog, and  SO Much MORE! Here is a little about Wendy:….

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My next popular and good pal, “ROBERT, or BOB” as I call him, is A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING GURU…….Really, he is!

He also is a generous, kind, and helpful guy as well. I can not tell you HOW MUCH I have learned from his websites! He has a series of “YouTube” marketing videos on his website on all the, Hows, Why’s, and Where’s of *Twitter~Facebook ~ and other great marketing sites and MORE!….  ~ Pinterest  ~ again, all on He really loves it when you give him some “SHARES”….

YOU don’t KNOW SPARKAH…or Media Marketing if you have not visited Bob’s website at:  you can also follow BOB on Twitter @journik &  here is his latest offering on YouTube:  ……

Now here is some of my favorite “Social Media Websites” that can help get your Book, Blog, or Website get noticed.

*I have to give Props to for being such an awesome hosting site for blogs*

Now, if you’d like to learn how Amazon’s “KDP” works and it’s Free Self-Publish instructions for your next e-book, than visit my good friend, “Arthur Crandon’s” Website, click on page: “Help for Newbie, Penniless, Writers” on:   How do Publish for Free with step by step info! And your there, check out ALL Art’s books!

*I hope sharing all this “Marketing & Publishing Info” will be of help to “New Writers,” and writers looking to become better at their craft like me! “Networking,” and writers & authors helping one another, and with those you meet through “Social Media” sites is a lot of fun! Just a great way for all writers and authors to help one another be successful and share “Readers”……

 “God Bless All and Happy Writing”
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon