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Welcome Everyone!

I just wanted to share some news and clear a few things off my “SHARE” list today. A few friends of mine have some happenings and goings on that might be of interest. I’ll start with my good friend and Author, Barrett Stites. His current book: “High Speed Travel In Mexico”

High Speed Travels Through Mexico(Link)  2013 London, U.K.

“True story of jail escape and survival south of the border.”

See, Barrett lives and works in the “Tour Guide” industry in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and does his own Private Tours. He is also a fantastic writer! His blog is here: and find him on FB:  Go by and say Hello! Better yet, go grab a copy of his Book!

MY NEXT friend is a great gal who I met on Twitter @SerniaHartwell And she is a wonderful author.  & http://www.WorldCastlePublishingauthor-serina-hartwell.html
And she has wonderful Blogs too!

Welcome to my website.
My name is Serina Hartwell, I am the author of The Hidden Saga.  In setting this website up, I have tried to put together an overall story about me and my work through my pages. I have used my blogs, photographs and links to my other space on the web to describe my journey.

I hope to show you the things that inspire me as a writer and take you along for the ride. I’m still new to all this, but like you, I am learning every day.

Please follow me and tell your friends all about me. I look forward to sharing with you.

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga

“I live with my better-half of 18 years, Macius, and I’m the mother of two wonderful children, who grew up when I blinked. I always write with my writing companion, my cat Tilly, and I come from an average size town in West Yorkshire, England. The same place where the Bronte sisters were born and I am from the village in the mill town I write about.”


The Hidden Saga Book 1

Author: Serina Hartwell

Print ISBN:


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date to be determined
AND I Can Not Wait! So keep checking back to see when she is Released!
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Well, that’s all for today everyone! I hope sharing this will be helpful to Someone?
Have a Great Week All! *Cat*

2 thoughts on “Some Writers News And Ramblings…..

  1. I am touched reading this !! I am suffering from mental illness too but as we don’t have any kind of diagnosis or treatments here in Pakistan, I don’t know what my real disorder is and what can I do to reduce it. I feel the same like you have described….Some days I am totally fine and some days I suffer from severe depression when I lock myself in my room for hours and even days and cry like hell and think about dying and stuff…. writing things out helps me but not totally. Well I don’t know why I have started describing my condition here . May be because I felt that I am suffering from the same pain as you did.
    I hope you pass a happy peaceful life ahead and all your pain vanish in air ! Love you loads xx


    • LaLa,
      I wish the VERY SAME for you as well. I have a very good friend, a young man who we know call our “Adopted” Son who is from and lives in Pakistan. I wish I had GOOD information for you. My heart goes out to you, and pray Allah helps you and helps find you the help you need.

      I don’t know much about “Global” Mental Health services in your country, but I can say this….DO AS MUCH Research on the Internet as you can! There are many helpful websites for help ONLINE FOR FREE…. SEND ME AN EMAIL and I will be HAPPY to share with you some really Good Places to visit and give you Links for help OK?

      My email is I know our time difference is BIG from where you live to where I live, but I check my EMAIL MANY times a Day! So don’t hesitate to email me anytime……

      Much LUV, Hugs, and Blessings to you,*Catherine*


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