Bipolar Valentine Part 1: Is It Love or Just Bipolar?

My friend “Nectar Madness” she makes *Bipolar* look Sexy…..I really wish it was, but she sure has a wonderful way with words about Mental & Emotional illness and disorders. *Catherine*

Nectar Madness: My Bipolar Sapience

You feel sexy. You feel on top of the world. Your heart has never been more full. You’ve never been so turned on. You want attention- and you’re getting it. It’s euphoric. It’s definitely love…or is it?


In lieu of Valentine’s Day, I’ve pieced together a three-part series on various aspects of bipolar disorder and love. This is meant to be informational with a shot of perspective, and a smooth aftertaste of personal connection. Please feel free to leave feedback or share your own experiences.

Well, is it love? Or is it bipolar?

Picture that you just met someone you are insanely attracted to. You notice every single detail about their perfectly angled face, the tiny dimple on the left side near their mouth, and their adorable laugh. You are dizzy with intoxication by the very scent of this perfect human specimen. Upon this meeting, you are charming, so very…

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