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There are times when I meet others who “help & share Hope” to others who are recovering addicts, I like to “Spotlight” what they do on my blog here. My new friend Dr. John McMahon and his wife Lou are fabulous people, and they care about those who have been touched by “Alcohol Addiction”…..
I actually met John on LinkedIn as he posted a project and book he is working on “All About others Stories of Recovery,” and I decided to submit my story of addicted gambling and alcohol. I began to explore all his wonderful, and informative websites. That’s when I knew I needed to “Share” all he does with my blog readers, as I have many who visit me who have other addictions besides Addicted Gambling.

See, I share “all things recovery” from “addicted compulsive gambling,” but I also share other addictions on my blog, because many are very similar from one addiction to the other. Many of the same “BAD” habits, behaviors, and mental and physical symptoms are the same. Like the helpful “Relapse Prevention Guide” I have listed on my resources pages, it can be used for ANY addiction. I actually went to “AA meetings” until I could find a local GA meetings (Gamblers anonymous) in my area. Many other 12-Steep meetings and books are modeled from “Alcoholics Anonymous” as they been around a very long time. But John & Lou’s approach is different, and it’s what caught my attention!
John’s website http://bottled-Up.com  Is also what caught my eye from his “LinkedIn Profile.” Hopefully that doesn’t sound creepy….LOL, as a writer, I have to do my research! Here is a little more about his web sights and a Wee Bit about John & Lou….
Dr John McMahon & Lou Lewis - Author, Counselor/Therapist, Pastoral Counselor, Psychologist, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner - Exeter, DEV
John McMahon ~ I (John) have a PhD in psychology and for years was senior lecturer on the MSc course on alcohol and drug studies. However before that I was hospitalized for alcoholism. My marriage broke up, doctors told me I had brain damage and liver damage and if I continued to drinking that I had around six months to live. I have been clean and sober now for over 28 years.

I practised as a therapist, designed and run treatment programs for addiction problems. Until recently I was the lead author of and senior lecturer on the largest Master’s level course on alcohol and drugs in the UK. This course was designed for addiction counsellors, psychologists and GP’s. I have carried out research, mainly on behaviour change in addictive behaviours and binge drinking, and have published widely and have been invited to speak at many conferences, both national and international.

More recently I designed and built an award-winning self-help website for people with drinking problems – 24/7 Help Yourself.

We are a married couple. I married Lou (then a widow) in 2008. As you can see above we have both have experienced drinking problems in previous relationships and we bring this knowledge to the website and the associated seminars and workshops. Between us we have, if not a unique experience then certainly a highly appropriate background.

“How we met is an amazing story if you are interested ask us and we may tell the story”…

Lou Lewis  ~ I (Lou) was married to a drinker for 29 years till his death from cancer. During that time I ran a home and raised two children in that environment with very few people, including quite close friends, being aware of the situation.

I am a classically trained musician, a graduate of the Royal College of Music, London. For many years I was a singer / songwriter, made 7 albums and toured the UK, USA and South Africa giving concerts and workshops.  Although I still write and play, I don’t have the same opportunities that I had.

My autobiography, No Easy Answers, has been described as a moving and revealing book  “Giving hope to those suffering from deep emotional problems and encouragement to friends who try to help them.” and was often used as a reference book for counsellors.

Currently I have my own flourishing counselling practice where I see clients with a variety of issues, including relationship problems….
Many of the people who come to us, come because they love their drinker not because they want rid of him/her.

We are not going to tell you what to do.  However we will provide information and resources that will help you to make the right choice for you and your family.  And we will support you regardless of the decision that you make.  after all this is your life.

Most people come to us because they are confused, frustrated and feeling helpless.

We are here to help.  Lou lived with an alcoholic for 29 years and John is an alcoholic and addict who has been clean and sober for nearly 30 years.  However they are also professionals. Lou is a counsellor with her own practice and John is a Psychologist who taught alcohol and drug counsellors, GPs and psychologists about addiction and its treatment.

One of the features that most people find very useful is that we will talk about the issue from both sides, the alcoholic and the partner. This will provide you with some insight not only into what works and what doesn’t but also why some things that you feel should work, just don’t.  Wouldn’t you like to understand what is going on in your drinker’s mind?

Many people come here because they are looking for the magic formula to make their drinker stop drinking.

We really wish that this was something we could offer you.  If we did have it, we would be millionaires now – because no one has that formula.  Sorry.

What we do have is a way to change your life for the better.  That is one thing that we do promise – that if you follow our program, your life will improve.  And maybe, as a side effect of your change, your drinker will change, but that is not something that we, or anyone else, can promise.

Many people come here because they are looking for privacy and anonymity.

That is something that we can give you.  You can be as anonymous and private as you want to be.  Some join the website and stay in the background, others spend a lot of time-sharing on the forum.  The choice is yours, no one will tell you what to do in this website.  And if there are things you don’t like, just leave it aside, you will find plenty of other good stuff that can help.

Most people who come here are looking for information.

That is something that we have plenty of.  If you like to read we have lots of articles.  If you would rather watch it then we have about 6 hours of video.  If you would rather download it and go for a walk with your mp3 player or listen in the car then we have about 36 hours of audio.  If you prefer to interact with the information then we have 12 workbooks, a blog and a forum.  If you would rather that the information came to you then we have two types of daily messages (motivational and spiritual) you can sign up for so they will be delivered to your email inbox and there are also frequent newsletters.  So if information is your thing then we have something for you, in whatever way you like to consume it.

“At Bottled-up we have taken the best of traditional programs and blended it with new research, then filtered it through our own personal experience to create a new unique program of action.  Our goal was to create a program that will empower you to take more control of your life. 

The Bottled Up website was originally opened in autumn of 2009 and since then we have had time to refine the original program, through feedback from members, writing the Bottled Up book and creating a step by step version complete with audio and workbooks.”
Using the tools in Bottled Up you can

  • Improve your home and social life
  • Reduce the impact of drinking on your life
  • Improve your relationship
  • Make it more likely that he will get help for his drinking. 

We will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to use Bottled Up to improve your life style and to help yourself.  Bottled up is designed to specifically achieve a number of goals.  These are:

  • To ensure safety for you, your family and your home
  • To improve and preserve your relationship with your drinker (although we do recognise that this may not always be possible)
  • To create a smooth dialogue between you and your drinker, where you can discuss drinking issues in a practical and productive way.
  • To give you information, advice and practical solutions and show you what behaviours only make matters worse and how to reduce them.
  • To help you feel more in control of your situation and to empower you
  • To reduce the impact of drinking on your life and family.

If you want to join us then click here.  Join bottled Up

Lou and John
*John has authored several books as well! Here are a couple of them and can be purchased through Amazon.com*….
John McMahon

Product Details  Product Details

His other two websites are also very helpful and are worth a Visit Too! http://www.iloumanate.com  & http://www.247helpyourself.com

About 24/7 Help Yourself:

Who Developed this Site?
The online programme this site offers was developed by Dr John McMahon.  He has a PhD in Psychology and is an expert in the field of Addiction Treatment and Behavioural Change.  He has also spent many years as a therapist and has pioneered the use of computer assisted treatments since the early 1990’s. This site is the culmination of a life’s work dedicated to helping people recover from alcohol addiction.
Why Does it Work?
Recent research shows that majority of people (4 out of 5) recover from their addiction problems without the aid of medical treatment. People help themselves using the resources and support around them.  The 24/7 Help Yourself Site adds significantly to this support network and greatly increases your chances of making a full recovery.
What Does the Site Contain?
The video below gives you a demonstration of the site so that you can see the layout and the tools that will be at your disposal.
*Here are a couple “Testimonials” of what others say about how 24/7 Help Yourself, and how it has helped them!*…
“After years of thinking about my drinking problem, things finally came to a head with my spouse. Knowing that if I didn’t do something about it I was at great risk of ending it.
Like many I had thought about AA, but for reasons was not comfortable with the concept, but being at wit’s end decided I would try. I hopped on my trusty computer and “Google” for closest meeting, and there sitting on my screen was ” 24/7 HelpYourself.com “, what a catchy name. After reading overview I was intrigued. Being that I couldn’t find a meeting and was extremely uncomfortable with AA concept. I jumped in feet first.
Being 79 days in, I look back with no regrets. The information and self testing was great. Once I got involved the support and the stories just seemed to make the challenge so much easier than I envisioned. I look forward to reading the posts and at times miss not being in touch. I would strongly suggest this site, it is truly one of the better tools that I have found on the internet.”
AP, San Antonio, TX
Lack of knowledge harmed me as much as the at risk levels of alcohol consumption. The two things I rate at the top of things I learnt from 24/7 help yourself is that total abstinence for its own sake is the wrong goal for me.  24/7 gave me the tools to reduce my consumption from 125 units to 3 units per week over a two month period and now I PREFER not to drink at all when alcohol is offered. The website has been my personal trainer and guide to a very happy lifestyle.
Jen, Australia

*So if you or someone you care for has a drinking problem, pass on this fantastic information to them and others. Dr. John & and his wife TRULY are saving and changing lives one Member at a time! When we all work together in recovery, we than can help others who suffer, and are stuck in the “Cycle” of any addiction. We need to find GOOD helpful websites like Dr. John McMahon’s to encourage those addicted to reach out for help and learn to live a better life in recovery. It’s what I do on both my blogs. We Raise Awareness and Share HOPE.*
Here are a few places you can connect with Dr. John McMahon & Lou…

uk.linkedin.com/pub/johnmcmahon/9/927/b36/    www.yourtango.com/experts/bottled-up
And as always, please let Dr. John that Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon sent you!
God Bless All!

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