“A Unique First Day Of Mental Health Services In Arizona. They Got THIS!”

Hello Friends And Welcome New Visitors,

Since moving here to the State of Arizona via So. Oregon, I had a very interesting experience at my new Mental Health & Behavioral Center here in Glendale, AZ.
It’s because of the new health insurance changes with “Obama care,” I now have two different insurance services, and two different doctors. One for my “Primary Care,” and a different doctor for all my mental health needs, which are free and billed through a separate insurance and meds provider then my medical health. Now I’m aware of the past shooting here in Arizona that made national news about Gabby Gifford, but after what I went through yesterday for my first visit for mental health service, I’m shocked that it even happened.

Let me tell you why. I had never been through such a rigorous mental health screening process like they have here in Arizona. AND,….it was only my intake, and to be assigned a service councilor. I go back in a week to have my full mental evaluation, meet my psychiatrist who will be treating me, and filling my meds. They set up a new mental health plan for me, and then I check in with my service councilor every month! So I’m blown away on how “In-depth” the State of Arizona is of Mental Health Care. My councilor said that much of the information he collected about me will help track those who have mental illness & issues, so hopefully no more people can fall through the cracks of not getting the help and care they need.

Soon it will also be used as a tool to aid with making sure those of us who do suffer ALL  levels of mental illness, service providers will be able to better track clients to help with Suicide Prevention, Gun Control issues in the future, ( those who have mental illness should not have fire arms). I think this an excellent way of being able to help the “Public be Safe, as well as the person who suffers.

Lets face it, we have seen these past months, and just resent of mothers driving their mini vans into the ocean with kids in the van, trying to commit Suicide! We have read and seen all the gun violence and shootings by mentally ill people who have fallen through those cracks of “needed mental health services.” We have seen SUICIDE rise to the highest levels in years due to unmonitored people who suffer or stop taking their medications.

We have even seen what can happen when family tries to get their children,young adults, or even a spouse to be seen or treated just to be told there are no beds open or service available and they are released, or get NO HELP at all!  And we all know how the stories play out right? A Senator from Virginia had that experience with his son, no beds were available so he was released and ended up stabbing his father before he then took his own life. The same with Pastor, Rick Warren and his wife, except they knew their son had mental disorders and they helped him get a gun? WHAT?
So the place I went to yesterday has  offers free services for the families who help and care for loved ones with mental illness. When is all this loss of “precious life” going to stop? It needs to stop!

So plain and simple, I feel all States in the US should really explore, and investigate the model of how mental health services are being provided here in Arizona. Due to copy right laws, I can not speak of the specifics, but I can tell you where I went where I received services so you can “Google” them online to all they have to offer. They also offer for free as part of my service plan, recovery help and class’s like, anger management, drug, alcohol, and a wide variety of support group class’s as well. The center is called Terros, Inc.”Inspiring Change For Life” and they have a couple of locations in Glendale and Phoenix AZ. They also offer primary health care services as well all in one convenient location. All this is free, and is part of my “Behavioral Health Service Plan” made for me, and all covered with my State Health Insurance Plans. They will help me with life skills to lessen my panic attacks, agoraphobia, and I’ll learn new life skills to manage and reduce my manic bipolar depression and other disorders.

Since yesterday was my first appointment, I will come back and share my full experience  after each visit and blog what I learn. It just might help others. I can not tell you how impressed I was after my first visit, which did take 2 1/2 hours, but a lot of it was new patient paper work and interview. The laws about mental illness are very different here in Arizona compared to Oregon. It’s all about care and medication control, which is another plus I feel strongly about. Since 70,000 people misuse their prescription meds each day, that is another reason Arizona keeps close track of their clients through places like Terros, Inc. Even my Primary Care Doctor can not prescribe my Bipolar meds, I have to go through a Mental Health Center to get the meds I need to be monitored properly.

So if you happen to live in Arizona, I can tell you that this state and the laws regarding Mental Health Services are exceptional, and how they help and care for those who suffer from mental illness and disorders. You get GOOD CARE here! I think all states should do the same. It may not stop all the heart breaking tragedy’s that have happened all over the US from unstable mentally ill people, but it is a HELL of a good start!

God Bless All,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon