Welcome Talented Song-Writer And Performer, “Rhoda Joy”!

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You are all in for a “Beautiful Treat” today! I have the pleasure of sharing with you a “Voice from Heaven” as I Welcome my “Special Blog Guest” and sweet friend, “RHODA JOY”!
Rhoda and I met through “Twitter” a long while ago, and not to sound “creepy” but I have followed her ever since. I always keep an eye open when she TWEETS a “New Song link” on her You tube, so I can go take a peek and a listen. I also know she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside!
“Praise The Lord” that God gave her a “Gift” and a blessing of an “Angelic Voice”…..
You can visit Rhoda Joy on her wonderful website for yourself, http://rhodajoy.com
and see just how “talented” of a song writer and performer she really is! Here is a little more about her….
An independent classically inspired Pop singer/songwriter, Rhoda Joy performs her music with a voice that is elegant and powerful. Her stirring and soaring vocals combine the range and command of Amy Lee from Evanescence, lyrical and elegant qualities of Anne Haslam of Renaissance, with the emotional expression that compares to Leona Lewis.

In her dramatic style of writing lyrics and music, one hears her Soul’s vulnerable, raw emotions. For the listener, it generates a surround-sound of deep feelings that allows for the listener to connect to their own heart-felt emotions. “I create music that heals, connects you to yourself, and reminds you of an awareness of who you are,” says Rhoda Joy…
Here are a few of here videos you can check out, and make sure you go visit her on here on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/user/RhodaJoyMusic/
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“Now I just happened to go listen and watch her video for the “Cover” she did of “The Beatles” classic song, “Let It Be,” and you really need to go take a look yourself! *Fantastic*! Here is a little from her website’s blog on how she did the cover on this song”….

My version of “Let It Be” is somewhat of a melodic departure from the original Beatles’ version. It’s diffucult to fully describe the creative process that I utilized to create my “original version”; but singing a cover song involves integrating a vocal signature sound and musical flavors, re-imaging the song and singing it in a way, as if I had written it myself!

“The pacing of this re-take is refreshing;
her voice breathing new life and meaning into the lyrics.
Rhoda Joy shares this song in a way that pierces the soul as
she re-captures the clear intent of the original song;
inspiring, touching, comforting, and soothing…
With the chords, the lyrics, the acoustics and her voice
delivering this fresh new version,
‘Let It Be’ has a new heartbeat.”

I have eclectic musical influences, combining my love for and study of classical and pop music, merging and weaving my interpretation of ‘Let It Be’, encompassing the contrasting yet overlapping styles of classical and pop. I drew on all my musical background and training for the musical arrangement of ‘Let It Be’. Whatever “grabs” and moves me int the moment is what comes out in the arrangement and recording of a song. If I can bring in different elements that are tastefully done, work musically, and emotionally sing from my heart, the song and message will sound believable to other people. If a song touches a person’s soul in an honest way, that’s the most important thing an artist can do! Music is a very emotional form of communication.

“Showcasing her etherial performance, as she intimately intertwines her musical skill and ability with the artful backdrop of nature, Rhoda Joy will delight you, inspire you, and she will deliver!”

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“Now I  ONLY ask TWO questions of all my “Blog Guests,” and here are the two I asked my good friend Rhoda, and here is how creatively she answered them”!
1.) How did you become a songwriter and performer?
The answer to this question is an evolution of myself as a person and as a performer. My love affair with music began at age 5, taking piano and voice lessons for 8 years, and attending The Academy of Performing Arts in Ontario, CA, post high school graduation. I performed in multiple choirs and participated in the production of 2 albums with my church choir, as well as entertained audiences in schools, churches, special occasions, and special events.
However, once I returned home from Canada, I decided to attend college to become a physical therapist, and all my creative pursuits and talents were lingering in the background. After listening to my soul whispers over a period of 10 years, I finally listened to my intuition and accessed all the courage I possessed to abandon all fears of the unknown at the door and pursue a different pathway. Physical therapy did not allow me to live the creative expression my soul craved, and I decided to listen to my heart’s voice, empower myself, and return to school to become a board-certified music therapist.
However, working to support myself during my pursuit of a music degree, I endured a tragic accident, which left me in intense physical and emotional pain for 7 years. I broke my neck and my back, and during that time, I lost my ability to sit, stand, sing, walk, and talk.

During a time where I could do nothing but solely listen to the voice within, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had to pursue my love of singing and songwriting. As I physically began to improve and heal, I began to fully embrace and intensely go after my love of music and creativity, with full expression of my entire being!

2.) What’s the most exciting thing that has happened in your journey of music?
I have had the privilege of studying under Cari Cole and glean insider information about the music industry and vocal techniques, and I have also had the privilege of working with a vocal coach trained by Seth Riggs. If you are unfamiliar with these names, both vocal coaches have a long list of many famous/star clientele!
Presently, the most exciting thing for me is coaching others to write songs they have always dreamed of writing, and writing and rehearsing for my debut album.

“I can’t wait to share my own original work with the world”!
You can find Rhoda Joy many places!  Please follow her on Twitter,  @RhodaJoysMusic and check out here “Facebook page here: https://http://www.facebook.com/RhodaJoyMusic
also on  LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rhoda-joy/7a/800/b19
and on Google! google.com/+RhodaJoy
SO I WANT TO THANK “Rhoda Joy” for letting me share all THIS with all of you, my fantastic and supportive friends, family, and Readers! I hope you will take a little time today to VISIT my good friend Rhoda Joy to see just how “Truly Blessed & Talented” she really is! If you’re a song writer, make sure you visit her website too, as she helps others with song writing.


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  1. What a delightful and inspiring article. Thank ytou for sharing some of your life, Rhoda Joy. May God always bless & keep you safe.


  2. Rhoda is a beautiful inspiration to all of us. Though her journey has been a long one, she has continued through with passion and strength. I am so proud to call her friend!


    • Hi Krista!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I have followed he a long while, and I meant what I said that she truly has a Beautiful Heart! Thank you for coming by today. 🙂 *Author, Catherine Lyon* 🙂


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