“Bye Bye Vizify”….Hello About.Me.com”!

So it seems every time I find an awesome new place to “Share” myself, my books, and my blogs on the worldwide web, and the issues I “Advocate” for, they seem to get bought out, or just go away. Just like “Klout” has recently merged with “Lithium,” VIZIFY has been bought by YAHOO, and they are going away forever!


We’ve been acquired by Yahoo!

We started Vizify in 2011 with the vision of transforming the information that we all consume and create every day into something more beautiful and personal. We were awed and grateful to see this vision taken up by so many of you as you built and shared our graphical bios, info-graphic cards, and videos.

Since last summer, we’ve been engaged in a conversation with some of the incredible folks at Yahoo about the ways this more visual approach to data can inspire and entertain. As our conversations progressed, we realized we’d found a partner who shared our passion for user experience, design, and visualizing information. Ultimately, we just couldn’t say no to the opportunity to bring our vision to the hundreds of millions of people who use Yahoo every day.

As part of the transition to Yahoo, we will be sun-setting the Vizify service (read below for more detail). As for what’s next, we can’t talk specifics just yet, but we’re excited to bring a more visual approach to data at Yahoo. We have a lot more up our sleeves and can’t wait to get started.
What the heck is going on around “Social Media”? Well I have only 2 words for YOU….
“ABOUT.ME”!  http://about.me  is a fantastic social media community that makes you look good across the web! So when I got the email about Yahoo buying Vizify, I was happy that I already had went to about.me and created a “Beautiful About.me Page”!
It was fun, easy, and you can be really creative as YOU have the control over making your page! And did I tell you it’s FREE? YUP! But, they do have some excellent premium services as well, so if your website happens to be a virtual store or business, then they also have all you need to make your site “Shine” across the web with their low-cost premium services.
I happen to use my About.Me Page as my “Author Bio Page and My “About Me” page on my blogs. It’s easy to do with their tools to share your page on your blog or website. The About.me staff are “Fabulous” too! I also use my link on Social Media as an introduction on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, asn other sites for people to learn more about me and what I do to help others in Recovery!

It’s all about you!

Having an about.me page will make it easier for people to find and learn about you!
Benefits of using about.me?

  • Build Your Online Presence

    It’s a great place to start, or improve your presence on the web.

  • Public Profile

    Your public ID online. Visitors don’t have to sign up to see any of your information.

  • Market Your Business

    Drive awareness for your business with a simple, beautiful page.

  • Helps in a Job Search

    Give your applications a personal touch by adding your about.me URL.

  • Personal Homepage

    No need to know code or build your own site. About.me is free and easy to set up.

  • Central Point of Contact

    Stay organized by putting all your links in one place.
    Get Started – It’s Free.
    So what are you waiting for? Go make your own beautiful, creative, and Free about.me page and see all the wonderful communities & people you can interact with. I enjoy seeing those who send me compliments about my page on Twitter, and you can share those through social media like on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and More!
    I have made some wonderful connections through about.me! Go check out my “Author Bio Page” and learn a Wee Bit more http://about.me/AuthorCatherineLyon/
    And as ALWAYS, tell them you heard about THEM from Author Catherine Lyon!
    Hugs & Blessings Everyone!! *Cat*

*I think we all know this won’t END WELL! Bye Bye Vizify*!