I Welcome Guest Author, “Agathe von Kampen” To My Writers Blog Today!

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Today I have the honor and privilege of introducing you to a good friend of mine, who happens to be a fellow author and the best ‘Story Teller’ I know, Author Agathe von Kampen- (Turrell). S he is a delightful woman who has been through so much than any one woman should have to endure in one lifetime!  She inspires me as a writer and author truly.

We first met through our publisher, as we both are from ‘The Kodel Empire Publishing family’  http://kodelempire.com/ in So. Oregon where she resides. I was given a copy of her current book, “The Chocolate Bar” and when I began to read it, and I seriously could not put it down.
I was so taken aback about what Agathe had gone through in her life, that I quickly learned she was one wise and a strong woman. I’m so inspired by her true story her life she was brave enough to share with the world, and I know she will also inspire all who read her book.

Here is a little more about Agathe and her wonderful book “The Chocolate Bar”…

The Chocolate Bar
Book Information:

The Chocolate Bar ~ by Agathe Von Kampen

“With no point of reference for a life of “normalcy,” seeking acceptance and security in a country not accommodating to immigrants, the author relied only on survival instincts, leading to her years of co-dependency, self-doubt, and utter despondency. She finds herself seeking refuge in controlling religious factions and abusive relationships.
This life struggle reminds her constantly of her experiences in WWII where she spent her first six years on the front lines in Russia and as a refugee in Hitler’s Germany. Her lullabies were the sounds of gunfire and exploding bombs. Her arrival at Ellis Island was promised to be the beginning of freedom,  instead, it was only the continuation of abuse and control-intimate and personal relationships of psychological warfare.
This is a compelling account of life as it was back “then” and how this child of war endured as she did, blossoming into a young woman, in a new land called America. A life’s journey, as told by the author with such honesty, innocence, joy, humor, lessons and revealing horrors and sins,  is it any wonder how this broken soul did in fact, survive


“After the first ten years of my life as a refugee on the front lines, I had survived unspeakable horrors and was looking forward to immigrating to America when I was a teenager. Having heard stories about life in the United States from the American G.I’.s occupying Germany, giving me hope that I could achieve the American dream too.

But, with good intentions my mother married me off to the first American man who showed an interest in me. With unexpected, horrible results, at sixteen I found myself married to a diagnosed sociopath. After living in emotional hell for thirteen years I found myself having to support two small children without the benefit of an education or any job skills.

This led to a lot of poor choices since I had never learned to choose for myself – only to follow orders.
Through a lifetime of errors I corrected one mistake at a time until now, at age seventy-eight I am finely living the dream I’d always hoped for!

I am married to a very kind and loving man who treats me with the respect I deserve – as any human being has a right to. I live life in beautiful So. Oregon, in a lovely home, nice community, and have the pleasure of my children being respectable, contributing citizens of society.
It has been a long journey but worth it.
I hope you will read my book, take the journey of my words with me, and see how much one ‘Human Being’ can endure…”

As you can see, Agathe has lived an interesting life.  Like I said earlier, she is a very strong woman and has been through a lot. She now continues her life story, and what she is up to these days all on her blog: http://readthechocolatebar.wordpress.com
and it’s worth the visit. She has just began to start blogging again with a new post, but in her earlier blog posts she shares more of her thoughts and feelings of all she has endured in life.  She also enjoys sharing excerpts of her book as well. Some other places you may connect with her is on her ‘New Facebook Author Fan page’! http://www.facebook.com/AuthorAgatheVonKampen/
Your can purchase a copy of her book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble: http://www.amazon.com/Chocolate-Bar-Agathe-von-kampen/dp/1624850146/  or  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-chocolate-bar-agathe-von-kampen/1116294467?ean=978
SHE will also be The Guest Author on award-winning author and historian, “The C.L. Gammon Program on Blog Talk Radio!
So come tune in and hear Agathe share her story here  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/clgammon/

Agathe von Kampen talks about her book The Chocolate Bar’

The CL Gammon Program

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I want to say Thank You to my good friend, Author, Agathe von Kampen ( Turrell ) for letting me share her, her book, and all the happenings going on for her now! Please visit her sites listed above, and when you do? Let her know *Author, Catherine Lyon* sent you!

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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