I’m So Pleased To Welcome “Author, Russell Warnberg” And His New Book Titled, “The Chalk Line Killer”

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We are in for another treat with a very special ‘Guest Author’ today, and his new book! I’m honored to introduce you to, “Author, Russell Warnberg” and his new book titled, “The Chalk Line Killer.” It is the next book from his book series, “Edge Of Redemption”.

Now I just added his book to my GoodReads ‘want to read book shelve’,  and I so recommend you all do the same. I met Russell through a mutual group we are in together on the Professional media site LinkedIn. He checked me out, then I went and checked him out,….LOL and BAM!, we connected on LinkedIn. I meet so many wonderful, interesting, and talented writers and authors there. And my new friend “Russell” is no exception! Here now is a little more about him as a writer, author, and ‘Man Of Mystery’…



Russell Warnberg

 Lifelong Teacher  * Artist & Woodworker *  Writer

With his new published book offering, Author Russell Warnberg originally grew up in Minnesota. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he settled in Maine where he currently resides. Having earned an Associate of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota, he continued his studies and achieved a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Maine.

Russ spent his years teaching History, English and a few other subjects while working in public and private schools
in both Minnesota and Maine.

He currently resides in Maine with his wife, Elaine.
His son, daughter~in~law, and grandchildren live nearby and are the light of his life.

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His new book just released is titled, “The Chalk Line Killer” and here is a little more about the book:


The Detective Cole Sullivan Series continues…

Detective Sullivan and his team in Maine, join forces with Detective Tweed and his team in Minnesota, when murders begin happening in both states with the same MO. Each murder victim has a chalk line drawn around their lifeless body.

People are being murdered. The police have very few clues and are running into dead ends trying solve the crimes.

The chalk lines appear messy and unsophisticated… until… it becomes clear that the chalk lines are not messy after all… they are messages. The police have to follow the clues and work fast to catch the killer before another victim dies.

Book 1 of the series it titled, Edge of Redemption

Edge of Redemption
Edge of Redemption
by Russell Warnberg

Finding the old man was a shock but nothing compared to the madness that was to follow.

An experienced detective in Augusta, Maine, Cole Sullivan begins investigating the death of a schoolmate’s father, Joe Winslow. But when suspicion is cast on Winslow’s children, John and Kate, Cole cannot protect John from the evidence stacking up against him. Soon the homicide investigation Sullivan leads becomes even more complicated when Kate’s husband is murdered and a rash of seemingly unrelated killings breaks out. Russell Warnberg’s novel offers readers a glimpse into the killer’s mind as he turns himself ever more fully over to evil. As Sullivan seeks to solve the mystery, his own position comes into danger as the state government works to resolve the case as soon as possible, even though that may leave the true killer free.

Now BOOK REVIEWS always tell us a book is Worth The Read!

Excellence with a unique flair.
June 8, 2014

 This review is from: The Chalk Line Killer (The Detective Cole Sullivan Series) (Volume 2) (Paperback)
This book has everything that may not fit the normal “structured pattern” of the thriller of the week. Yet, it adds so much more, with characters struggling to live, love and survive. Even though you haven’t an idea who the bad one(s) are, you find that they are also fully fleshed beings. You don’t want to meet them, but they are filled with motive and intrigue, as are the ones hunting them. Who is hunting whom? This has a wonderfully colorful landscape with imagination, cruelty and heart. It stands out because it is not the standard, often packaged bestsellers.


So, many of you know me as NOT  a “James Lipton” from “The Actors Studio”….LOL,  so I only ask 2 simple questions to all my ‘Guest Authors’,  as I don’t want them to feel any pressure when I share a little about their craft! So here are the 2 questions I asked of ‘Author, Russell Warnberg’ and how smoothly he answered them…

1.) Was there anything in particular that made you decide to become a novelist and writer?

I had wanted to write ever since my college days at the Univ. of Minnesota, but never had the self-discipline to follow through.  Oh, I wrote some poetry and a short novella years ago, but could never quite pull the trigger. It was just too hard to find the time to dedicate to it.  As I was about to retire, I was presented with a laptop computer and that made all the difference.  I had learned to type in high school and found I could still do it rather well.  It was the computer that made it possible for me to actually follow through with my dream.

The first day I had the computer on my lap, I wrote out the first paragraph of my first novel, not knowing at the time that that’s what it would be.  After reading it over a couple of times, I thought this might make for a good crime drama, so I dedicated myself to the task, wrote nearly every day and five months later, the rough draft was complete. The rest is history, as they say.

2.) Has there been anyone exciting thing that has happened to you since the releasing of your books you’d like to share?

I can’t say that there has been any thing that has excited me about the release of my novels.  Of course, it was a thrill to sign that first contract and then hold a copy of the finished novel in my hands, but aside from that it has been rather anti-climatic. The old saying about it being the journey that is the best part, rather than the destination, I have found to be largely true.
Maybe the best thing is that I have found a second career that can occupy me for the rest of my life, if I choose. Being able to get up each day and have something meaningful to do is the key. To have a lot of people read and enjoy my work would be the icing on the cake.

So I’d like to Thank Author, Russell Warnberg for letting me share his craft of writing and authoring books with all of you today. You can also connect with Russell on Twitter! @RussellWarnberg  and on his website here http://russellwarnberg.com
And also check out this website to view his awesome book trailer and another interview courtesy of, “Fountain Blue Publishing and Author Services”

And as always when you give him a visit? Tell him Catherine Lyon sent you!

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Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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