I Welcome New Author, ‘Eugenea Couture’ And Her New Book “Adoption Not An Option” To My Blog Today

Welcome Friends, Readers, and New Visitors,

I’m very happy and excited to have as my ‘Guest Author’ today my new friend, “Eugenea Couture” and her new book titled,
“Adoption Not An Option”  (A Métis Woman Torn from her Family and her 40 year Battle to Find Them Again)

Now available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Adoption-Not-Option-Family-Battle/dp/1771410256/
Also available here below:
Adoption Not An Option
Adoption Not An Option
CAD $19.95 Approximately  USD $19.35
Eugenea and I met through the social media site LinkedIn, and I went to explore her wonderful website at: http://www.eugeneacouture.com
After I read more about her and her book, I said to myself, “I have to invite her to be a ‘Special Guest Author’ on my blog, and to shine a light on her ‘Passion’ about adoption, the foster care system, and her longing to find lost family. I can relate to her story, as my best friend Debbie, who I grew up with was also adopted. When she got older, she too wanted to find her birth mother, but got nowhere. I can not imagine having that longing and never being able to find who your birth mom.
Here is a little more about Eugenea Couture, and her book that I can not wait to order and read myself.


Eugenea Couture is a mother of four and a native of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. At age four, she was forced into the foster care system in southern Alberta. Her story is a powerful journey that takes the reader through a cycle of four generations. Beginning with her great grandmother, a Metis woman, who endures the pain of her daughter losing the custodial rights of her children. This begins a cycle as her grandchildren and great grandchildren become adults. Eugenea is in the third generation and faces a life of foster care that ultimately causes her to suffer sexual, physical, mental abuse and an identity crisis as she moved eleven times.

As an adult, she moved back to the west coast where she settled down to raise her children and reunite with her biological family so they could mend their broken relationships. While Eugenea is raising her four children she is determined to never lose her kids as her mother and grandmother had done in the past.

Her search for her adoptive brother becomes her greatest quest. During the forty years of separation from her brother, she builds up an inner strength by unlocking the secrets of her past, understanding the generational patterns of guilt and shame, and developing her own techniques to restore the bonds of her fragmented family.

As a writer, advocate, and mother, she is passionate about sharing her story of pain, and joy. It is her gift to give back hope, compassion, and light to a dark path. She reveals the signs of abuse and prepares our youth of today to stand for their rights especially if they are at the mercy of strangers. She has written her memoirs to help children, teens and young moms that are seeking direction. In narrating her incredible personal journey, Eugenea shares many positive tools for others to locate and reunite their family members, even when all hope seems lost.

Adoption Not An Option
Adoption Not An Option

“As a young girl growing up in the foster care system, Eugenea burns with desire to reclaim her identity by finding the family she has lost. As a mother of four, she becomes determined never to lose her own children as her mother and grandmother had before her. In her teenage years she began to brainstorm for ways to bring her family back together. Her optimism and determination empower Eugenea to fight all odds in order for her to end the 40 year battle and reunite her family.”

Here is what others are talking about of Eugenea and her book:

“Eugenea reveals her childhood journey in foster care. During her crusade, she moves from home to home but is determined to find her long-lost family members. As a mother of four, Eugenea has an enormous will to safeguard her children and find her roots. Her story provides a window into the emotional odyssey to reunite with the family that she loved so long ago. She looks back at her family’s tumultuous path through the generations, and shows how to move through the mistakes of the past towards a positive future.”

Don Kendall, Group Publisher, Black Press

“Love,  strength, and  the bonds  of  family, are  the  main  themes of  Eugenea’s moving story. This book takes an intimate look into how a broken family started putting the pieces back together; and shows others can do the same.” 
Rolf Schrader, M.A., psychotherapists

“A powerful story about losing and finding your family, Eugenea takes us along her  journey  to  reunite  with  her  loved  ones  and  reclaim  her  identity:  An inspirational book for anyone looking for lost family members or simply looking 
to reconnect with those already in their life.”
Kyle Green, Motivational Public Speaker for Mortgage Alliance 
So what more can I say about my friend and fellow new author? I myself can not imagine going through all of what this woman has been through. We are a bit of ‘Kindred Spirits,’  as we both endured childhood trauma and abuse. I know she will continue to be a strong advocate for those who feel lost and alone.
So brave of her to share her personal story, as many others who go through adoption & the foster care systems as they lose their true families, but know they are not alone in this. That others like them, and like Eugenea can have a voice. She has done this through her book and her website & blog.
I urge you to visit her site at: http://www.eugeneacouture.com
You can connect with her through her Fabulous Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/eugeneacouture
On Twitter @EugeneaCouture ..
So I want to say, “Thank You Eugenea” for letting me share you with all of my friends, readers, & visitors, and I wish her much happiness and success with her new book. And as always, let her know you seen her Fabulous Guest Spotlight on Author, Cat Lyon’s media blog!
Much Happiness & Blessings,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon