New Book Release Showcase For “Author, Carl Baker” & His New Novel “14 Days In July”

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We are in for a wonderful treat today with a new book release for, Author, Carl Baker.
Novelist Carl Baker has come out of the literary gates with the hottest best-selling novels of our time, maybe even our generation. I feel it will be the next “Classic History Novel” that readers will be talking about for many years to come.

Carl’s Novel, “14 Days In July” has not only satisfied his readers, but they want this novel as series, or trilogy. Carl is a prolific historical writer/novelist, and this new novel has proven it. It’s an action-packed historical novel weaving together the French Revolution, the Fall of the Bastille, the Man in the Iron Mask, and the Three Musketeers.

Now, with the 4th of July, and a long weekend right around the corner, this is my book recommendation for the occasion. The book has only been out for a couple of months, and the ‘5 Star Reviews’ are already coming in on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! And readers know reviews tell a lot about a read.
Here’s what readers are saying about this ‘Fantastic New Historical Novel’…

14 Days in July

“I usually do not read Historical Fiction, but this one stood out, the cover graphs are awesome, and the story line is a real a page turner.” Judith

“This book was hard to put down once I started reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, history or just a good read.” Dave

“5 Stars!  This is a real page turner, with a great ending.” Billy


1 July 1789, Paris – Two weeks before the Revolution
France is undergoing a political upheaval unlike anything it has known before. Louis XVI is using savage mercenary forces and food blockages, to bring the people to heel. The country is a powder keg, and Paris is the fuse. In the midst of what could become bloody chaos, shadowy people including the sinister and brutal chief of the Paris police-discover that a young Parisian laundress, Michèle Duvallier, whose fiancé is imprisoned for his political activities, knows a deadly, ancient secret that could shake France’s monarchy to its core. Michèle finds herself the object of a murderous manhunt. Her imprisoned fiancé’s citizen’s group, now led by his brother, is being chased from one hiding place to another. It is only during the fall of the Bastille that she learns why so many powerful people are hunting for her, but as well the shocking identity of who has been betraying them ….
September 1654, Burgundy – 135 years before the Revolution
A good-natured young man, an orphan, is mysteriously imprisoned with grotesque instructions to conceal his identity in such as way as to ensure he is to be forgotten for all time ….
The man in the iron mask was not a pure invention of Alexandre Dumas. The rumor of the existence of twin boys being switched, one of whom was to become Louis XIV, had been speculated on for well over a hundred years by many high sources including Voltaire, who secretly told friends he had seen the man unmasked, and saw he was the king’s twin. But what Dumas, and no one else, wrote about, was the even more dangerous rumor that there was not only a switch, but as well … another lineage ….


Carl Baker