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I’m very excited and honored to welcome Author, Cheri Vause to my media/book blog. It’s always a pleasure to be able to write, blog, and share my friends passions, work, and craft of writing with all my readers! She is a special woman with a blessed soul, and an even bigger heart!  Bigger then the STATE OF TEXAS where she lives. It’s what I love about doing what I do, passing on wonderful reads that are worthy of sharing, and my girl Cheri’s books are worth the share!


Cheri Vause, Author
Author, Cheri Vause

We happened to meet through a few social media sites we both visit, and we are in a couple of the same writer groups on LinkedIn, a professional networking site. I reached out to her because when I read more about her, I said to myself, “I must have her on my book/media blog” as a ‘Special Guest Author Spotlight’ …
I just had to share her with all of you, my friends and readers here. I have no idea how she finds the time, but this woman is into loads of projects, writing and authoring books, as she is everywhere on social media. WHY?
Because she is such a prolific, fantastic mystery writer and author, that’s why!
Starting with her first published book, “The Garden of Souls” …

About Garden Of Souls:

During a routine archaeological excavation in Israel, two archaeologists, a priest and his best friend, uncover an unusual map that leads to the Biblical burial cave of Abraham and Sarah. While on their expedition to find the cave, antiquity thieves learn of their quest and relentlessly pursue the archaeologists, hoping to sell the famous bones on the black market for millions, maybe more. The thieves, who are willing to risk murder to secure the theft, are limited only by a determined FBI Agent, who is willing to risk his life to protect the archaeologists, and a young woman, who is being used by the thieves to gain information about their quest. What they all find in the cave is well beyond the historical and biblical discovery of the bodies. What they find changes their lives and the lives of all mankind, forever.

Chéri Vausé has been a teacher of Theology for over twenty years, and has used the Catholic Ladder, a biblical timeline developed by the Jesuit missionary priests to convert the American Indian, as the structure for her three-pronged approach to Christian theology. This three-pronged approach is based on the Talmud, the Kabbala, and the Scriptures, especially the Torah.

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And now her brand new explosive book titled; “The Truth and Nothing but Lies” … which just released on Amazon this May 2014, and the buzz around GoodReads & Amazon that it’s a Fantastic Read!
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About Her New Book:

Special Agent in Charge, Grantham “Grant” Greene has become disillusioned with his role in the FBI. He’s charged with leading the hunt for a bomber, targeting Women’s clinics in Oregon and Washington. With pressures from his boss and his ambitious father, Grant becomes even more discouraged as he works his way through the mire of evidence. His discovery of the actions of a beautiful woman, who has supposedly committed suicide, leads him to believe that, along-side the bombings, he may also be investigating a murder. With the potential for a nationwide political scandal, Grant has just one weekend to uncover the identity of the bomber. As he delves deeper, and tragedy strikes, Grant starts to question his views and wonder if it’s possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never even met.

A classic cozy mystery that is both a thriller and a suspense novel with a touch of romance. To make it even more interesting objects become characters, add drama, and romance, and even the art tells a story…

About The Author and Message From Cheri Vause:

“There is a mystery in the heart of everyone, and everything. That is what makes life so interesting. This wonderful, immutable mystery is the basis of every good story, and the element that every writer tries to tap, then, liberally pour into their work. If the author is successful, then the reader will reach for another book, and another, and…

Some writers want to gather the sparks of creation and heal the world. If I am able to gather only one spark, then my life has been successful”.

Author of the explosive and controversial novel, “The Truth and Nothing but Lies”, and the new upcoming mystery, “The Night Shadow”…

Chéri is a theologian, a photographer, and an author. She is the mother of two sets of twins born on the same day fourteen years apart. Presently, she lives on a small ranch in the heart of Texas with her husband and a coy-dog named Scully. – See more at:
Now you all know that I only ask TWO questions of all my ‘Guest Authors’, and my friend Cheri will be no different. Here are her two questions and how she replied.

1.) How did you begin your passion for writing?

I began writing theological pieces for a Human Life newsletter, and I also wrote a few newspaper pieces. Before that I wrote poetry, not for publication, but just for myself. I did have a poetry reading in college once, but I preferred to keep my thoughts to myself.

It wasn’t until I came across this fascinating story in the Talmud, which is a compilation of scriptural commentaries by great Jewish sages, that I became interested in writing a book. My husband encouraged me to try and get it published, so I began the arduous task of sending out queries to agents. It was rejected dozens of times, and then I rewrote it, based on the comments by agents who took the time to help me. I think I rewrote that book about four times and then published it myself. I only sold a few copies, but I was hooked. I honed my skills further by writing dozens of short stories and sparked the interest of several traditional publishers. Now, I’m with a wonderful independent publishing house based in the United Kingdom. My second book with them is coming out in September, and my third in February.

2.) Has there been anyone special event that was exciting to you about being a writer & author?

I couldn’t say that there was a specific event, but I would say that I’ve met the best people on the planet since I’ve been published. I’ve managed to help several authors, maybe one to be traditionally published from being a self-published one and going nowhere, I’ve made contacts with two wonderful screenplay writers, and I have been blessed with people in my town willing to help me launch my books. I feel blessed.
Now in closing, we all know how important reviews are for us writers and authors. And they can tell a lot about a book. Here are a couple Amazon reviews Cheri Vause’s books have received so far.

Review Of “The Garden of Souls” & “The Truth and Nothing but Lies”

This review is from: THE GARDEN OF SOULS (Kindle Edition)

This is one of those books that is extremely difficult to put down. Imagine for a moment what archaeological discovery would prove the Bible to be accurate beyond refute. Add in a Priest, an archaeologist, and a young woman who may or may not be involved with a Russian Cartel who profits in stolen antiquities who are searching for the same answers and assurances we all crave, and you have an epic story that leaves you begging for more from the unusual trio. Toss in Interpol, the Ministerial Committee for Holy Places, the Vatican, and the Israeli Antiquities Authority and you have the ingredients for an epic that will survive the generations. The author has built a modern mystery based on an incredible base of research that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

I would love to see this as a movie. The author brings the settings and characters alive (positive and negative character traits). “And the truth shall set you free.”

Fans of Angels & Demons and Raiders of the Lost Ark will enjoy this!  5 Stars!

This review is from: The Truth and Nothing but Lies (Kindle Edition)

The Truth and Nothing but Lies by CheriVause is a well-crafted suspense/thriller following the exploits of FBI agent Grant Greene. A bombing of a women’s clinic in the sleepy town of Astoria, Oregon results in his father, Governor Porter Greene, pulling strings to get Grant assigned to the high-profile case.CBN reporter Hector Rodriguez is also drawn into the case as famed abortion Dr.Sanji Kumar is suspected of being the target of pro-life activists. Grant’s interview of Miriam Elliot provides him an angle in investigating Kumar, who has had connections with the CIA in his earlier life as a double agent. What appeared to be a career-enhancing case for Grant becomes a perilous voyage into a storm of conspiracy and murder in Vause’s fast-paced tale.
The discussion of pro-choice alternatives provides the moral essence of the plot. Kumar’s moral values appear to depreciate as both the direction of his life, and his personal choices create greater dissonance in remaining true to his Hippocratic oath. We see how his decision to defect to the CIA has already compromised his sense of loyalty. Committing himself to perform abortions places him on yet another cutting edge as he is faced with the monumental debate between pro and anti-abortion activists. Though far from a tragic figure, we can see how medical professionals can be impacted by life choices in straying from a path that we as a society see as both righteous and unimpeachable.
For suspense/thriller fans and all readers that enjoy a cerebral mystery (with no sexploitation or foul language), The Truth and Nothing but Lies by Cheri Vause is a worthy addition to your collection.  5 Stars!

I’d Like to thank my friend & Author, Cheri Vause for allowing me to share here books, and a little more about her with all of you. If you don’t have a current read right now, I SO recommend both her books as fabulous reads! It’s nice to know before purchasing a book if it’s worth your time and money to read. Now your know hers are well worth it. And keep your eye out for her next book in just a few months called; “The Night Shadow” which will be her next venture as a series!

Here are just a few places you can connect with Author, Cheri Vause …

Her Blog:
About Me Author Bio:
Her Website:
Tumbler: http://
And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @CheriVause

Much Happiness & Blessings Friends,
Author, Catherine Lyon
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