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I’m so happy to have as part of the ‘Lyon Author Neighborhood”, Marilyn Fowler. She is an extraordinary woman who has lived through much, and has a lot to say about it. Now enjoying her golden years, her passion is still helping others through her book. As an author myself, and book promoter, I always tell my author friends and writers, ” that a publication date on any book should never be a concern, as a book that hasn’t been read by a reader will always be a New Book!
So here now is a wee bit more about Marilyn, and here fantastic book titled; “Silent Echoes” …

Author, Marilyn Fowler


Marilyn Fowler is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist, and
has extensive experience in the Mental Health field. During her career, she
worked on in-patient units, worked in a county jail, coordinated Mental Health
services in five nursing homes, and was in private practice for a number of
years. She also led Mental Health training sessions and lectured on family and
social issues. She now teaches a college class on The Influence of Childhood
Messages on Adult life, belongs to a writing group, writes a self-help blog, and
is active in her church.
Following her memoir, “Silent Echoes”,  she created a fictional family in “Me And
Gran-mama In The Hill Country”,  written in southern dialect, and has a video on
YouTube reciting the first chapter in costume using southern dialect. She is now
working on “The Forgotten Ones”, a book about the ten years she worked as Team
Leader and later Director of Mental Health Services in a jail setting. Her short
stories have appeared in various magazines and two anthologies, “Creature
Features” and “When God Spoke To Me” …

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Book Description For “Silent Echoes”

Silent Echoes
Silent Echoes is a memoir with psychological undertones spanning three generations. It begins with life in an orphanage and moves into the rich, sweet life of the 1920’s, through the tumultuous Stock Market crash and Great Depression years. The story recounts this historical period, and brings the national trauma to life through a vivid portrayal of one family’s personal struggle to go on as they fall from wealth to poverty and homelessness. It guides readers through this entire decade with a bone deep exploration into the family’s inner pain and desperation as their situation tests their strength to survive. Characters are portrayed with poignant care as they experience not only loss of material possessions, but of trust in a secure future, of loved ones through death and separation, losses that wound the very soul. As their story moves out of the Depression years through several wars and beyond, residual scars become apparent as they influence the character’s self-defeating choices for some years to come.
Silent Echoes follows the lives of two determined women, a mother and daughter, who are stubborn enough to get back up every time life dashes them to their knees, but with the ability to laugh through their tears, even when the sun doesn’t shine. They struggle to survive in a world that makes no sense, a world that seems stacked against them from the start. Insight into these characters is developed not with preaching, but through their response to life as they see it, revealing childhood fears and confusion hidden beneath their conscious awareness. The mother’s fear of abandonment and lack of self-worth, and the daughter’s sense of invalidation and feeling she must deal with life alone become defeating beliefs from their past. As these messages silently echo into the present, they are subtly revealed as motivators to lost opportunities, wrong turns in the road and disillusioned hearts. Every obstacle becomes a challenge to test the women’s weaknesses and strengths, to find meaning and become whole.
Silent Echoes explores life’s many seasons, some as sweet as summer’s tender touch and some as bleak as winter snow, but each with a lesson to be learned. It clearly portrays the character’s life situations as they scrounge to pay bills, assume the role of mother and father to their children, encounter stormy relationships, suffer emotional exhaustion, and deal with mother-daughter conflict and end of life issues involving elder care as the mother reaches declining years. When loss and defeat tear their hearts apart, they feel they can’t go on. But they do. They reach deep inside and find strength to rise above their plight, revealing inner ability and resourcefulness to survive, until insight brings understanding, forgiveness and beautiful freedom.

Silent Echoes’ setting takes place mostly in the southern culture of Florida, but moves through Detroit, Pennsylvania, Texas and Las Vegas on a most unstable journey that always brings the family back to their beloved south, the only place that feels like home.

“Silent Echoes is a story in which readers will see themselves, feel the pain of the struggle, yet find reassurance that they are not alone and they too can survive. They will be entertained by the humorous situations that lighten the character’s burdens throughout their journey, like when the mother gives up her bra long before the Women’s Lib movement. This is a story readers will take with them and not forget” …

*Again, as a book promoter, authors need not worry of your book’s release date, because a book that has not been read yet is still a New Book!
Here are some reviews that says Marilyn’s book is worthy of your time and interest to go grab a copy and read her Magic Of Words* …

Here are a few of Marilyn Fowler’s Amazon 5 Star Reviews:

Outstanding! 5 of 5 Stars!
By: Irma Jane Dowless

Verified Purchase
This review is from: Silent Echoes (Paperback) …

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I often spread a book out over weeks, but I read this in two days. The story was captivating and flowed easily. As I finished one chapter I found myself not willing to stop but reading on into the next and the one after that!
A true story, set in the first half of the twentieth century, it spans three generations of a family experiencing the hardest of times, often down but never out, and emerging bruised, but whole. No doubt it is indicative of many families who lived through the Great Depression, when events resulted not only in financial and physical suffering and loss, but in strained relationships as well. This family showed tremendous strength and resilience, and after many years of soul-searching, found healing and peace.
The author has skillfully related her own memories and the stories from her mother in an uplifting book that will live in my heart always.
A Good Read!  5 of 5 Stars

Format: Paperback ~ Verified Purchase
From the moment she first saw the sign, Orphan Asylum, 10-year-old Charlotte Perry knew her life would never be the same. Week after week as she sat with her younger siblings waiting for the promised reunion, fear, anger and abandonment silently echoed in Charlotte’s broken heart. Emotions she would pass on to another generation. Echos she would hear for a lifetime.

Silent Echos is not just Charlotte’s story of survival which was, in its own right, frightening as it was heroic. In vivid detail and easy prose, the author weaves the loss of her mother’s childhood into her own life and that of her children. In a time before families were described as “dysfunction” Fowler seemed to know that her life had been foreshadowed by the innocence her mother lost.

After an anxiety-riddled lifetime of failed relationships and being on the move yet never really getting anywhere, a panic driven Fowler was forced to make some changes. With the help of Las Vegas psychiatrist, to whom she affectionately referred as Dr. J., Fowler began facing her the haunting fears, thus breaking the cycle of pain that affected three generations.

Fowler’s ability to describe the variety of places the family called home – New York, Ohio, Texas, Las Vegas, and places in between – reads like a travelogue. None so remarkable as the small Florida towns, where both mother and daughter, as if guided by a star, returned on a regular basis. Those early years before hardship settled in was a time when orange groves bloomed, kids went without shoes, and worries seemed to float away on the Daytona Beach tide.

‘Silent Echoes’ is not just a tale of struggle. It is a story of family relationships that cannot be broken. It is a story of friendships that last a lifetime. It is a story of strong women determined to change the circumstances of their lives. It is a story of hope. It is a story of love.
So as we all know that reviews do share a lot about a fantastic read, and Author Marilyn Fowler hit this book out of the park! It’s a journey of generations, shows family triumph under any circumstance, and that love of family truly can conquer all.

I want to thank my friend Marilyn Fowler for having the bravery to write a book that many can truly learn from. And for her letting me share her, and her fantastic book! She currently has a couple more projects in the works for release soon. So go grab your copy of “Silent Echoes” today, and as always, please  go back and write a review, as it helps us as writers and authors know what our readers want to read.
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