Lyon Media & Book Promotions Presents A Fabulous Press Release Share Of Author, Marilyn Fowler And Her Book~”Silent Echoes”

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My good friend, and fellow Author, Marilyn Fowler has a fabulous write up and Press Release that was done by her publisher, Outskirts Press that I want to share here today. Her book has been out awhile, but it has fantastic reviews, and worth your time to read. The press release was just so good, and so descriptive, it will not only give you an inside look of what her book is about, but the extremely important message it reveals. SO ENJOY! …
*Life Turns From Fear to Freedom in New Memoir, Silent Echoes, by Author, Marilyn Fowler. Published by Outskirts Press*
“Veteran psychotherapist and author Marilyn Fowler’s new personal memoir spans three generations and takes readers from the high life of the Roaring Twenties through the stock market crash, the gritty survival of the Great Depression” …

Marilyn Fowler’s newly released personal memoir, Silent Echoes, published by Outskirts Press, follows the lives of a resilient mother and daughter who are both stubborn enough to get back up every time life dashes them to their knees and still laugh at themselves while doing so.

As their story unfolds, their childhood fears and confusions begin to be reflected in their lives as disturbing silent echoes that they need to deal with, and they discover that the influence of these subtle messages from the past has prompted wrong turns in their lives and led to their emotional disillusionment. Only by candidly facing these fearful shadows do they achieve the insight that brings understanding, healing and finally freedom …

“Here’s an author who set aside the fears of looking into her past, and in doing so, emerged into newness and fullness of life,” said Reverend Betty Sikking of Silent Echoes.  

“Marilyn Fowler has artfully combined her clinical observations with gut wrenching personal memories to reflect on the impact of childhood experiences on adult life,” said Martye Groble, Ph.D., LMHC, of this poignant memoir.

Marilyn Fowler’s brave and unflinching self-examination and her years of professional mental health experience combine in this notable memoir to produce a work from which any reader will be led to new insights about human behavior and about the richness of life.

Silent Echoes is available on-line in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at …

More About The Author:
Marilyn Fowler has enjoyed a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience in the mental health field.  She was a Mental Health Team Leader before becoming the Director of Mental Health Services for the Duval County Jail in Jacksonville, Florida.  She has coordinated mental health services for five nursing homes, has worked in outpatient units and was in private practice for a number of years as a psychotherapist.

One of Marilyn’s stories has appeared in the Salvation Army magazine, and another will appear in the book, “When God Spoke to Me”, by Candace and David Paul Doyle. There is a wonderful Youtube video of Marilyn you can see here: “Me And Grandmama” …

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