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One of my Twitter followers has an awesome “Thought Provoking” web site that I receive emails of inspiration from, and is called; “Give It A Thought ~ By David Duane Wilson” http://giveitathought.com/

“This Site is Dedicated to Helping you Improve Yourself Through Self Help Techniques and Positive Thinking”

Now David and I have followed each other for sometime, and I have to say, if you have not visited his helpful and inspirational web site yet, then your missing out! He maybe the best “Self-Help Writer” I know. Here is a share of the most resent email post he sent me, and wanted to share it with all of you. Now you can have a little inspiration in your day too!
All You Need Is Love

The Beatles sing, All You Need Is Love.  Have you ever thought about what those lyrics mean?  What they mean is that you should not only receive all the love the world has to offer, but that you should also give love.

Some people do not understand the meaning or definition of love.  Love is admiration, caring and respect.  That means admiring without envy, showing concerns for other’s wellbeing and giving respect with no expectations in return.

To admire without envy is easily accomplished.  You look at successful person’s accomplishments with an inquisitive eye as to how did they succeed.  What qualities, virtues and behaviors did they use to reach this position of admiration?  Inquire, for you will want to emulate them.  The one thing that you do not want is to become jealous or envious of them.  You’re tasked to rise to a position of admiration of your own.

Caring, the genuine concern for another’s wellbeing is foundational to love.  When you care, you will go the extra mile or take the extra step to make things right for someone.  Because you care, you are there for them in their time of need.  Through this act of love, their eyes are opened to their vulnerabilities and the seed of love is planted in their heart.

The element of respect is so important.  When you give love, if you respect that person, it’s much easier to open your heart to them which can expose your own vulnerabilities.  Respect grows into trust and you are able to love completely and unconditionally.

When you are able to love unconditionally, you free yourself from your selfish desires and wants. You avoid the pain of unfulfilled expectations.  By loving unconditionally, you are actually freeing yourself.

Those who interact with you will be enhanced by your gift of love.
What the world needs most is love! ~ To quote the Beatles, All You Need Is Love!

David Duane Wilson
David Duane Wilson

A Little About Dave!

I’m retired and now live in the beautiful little town of Wimberley which is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  I started a Handy Services company and one of my clients changed my life.  His name is Dr. Joe Vitale and he has become an inspiration to me.  My entire outlook on life  has changed.  I’m a positive person who is happier, more confident and ready to enjoy every moment of each day.  I enjoy writing about my self-improvement journey of “Making a Change for the Better”.  http://giveitathought.com/
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