A Triple Book Review Extravaganza for Author Cheri Vause & her New Novel~The Truth and Nothing but Lies.

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As a book and social media promoter, it’s more than a full-time job to keep all my book clients happy, and make sure their awesome new books and novels get noticed in the large sea of new reads. And as you know, I have a lot of reading to do, so it’s it hard to steal time to read just for the pleasure of it, and the genres I enjoy to read. But sometimes, as a book should do, you get surprised by a book genre you normally wouldn’t read. That was the case with Cheri’s new novel.
The Truth and Nothing But Lies by Cheri Vause: Book Cover
My Book Review For Author, Cheri Vause:

That’s how I felt about reading a new novel by, Author Cheri Vause, titled; The Truth and Nothing but Lies.

I’m normally not a Mystery/Thriller reader often, but I have to say this was not only a page turner? It took on a very debated and intense topic in this riveting story. A FBI agent with not so good intentions to get a step up, and the story is set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Coastal town of Astoria, Oregon, where I’ve visited many times myself. All stirred into this wonderfully written novel and story, without giving much away, is also a hungry reporter, a doctor and a missing client of his, and after abortion clinic bombings & suicide, comes the CIA to join the mix. Greene is very confused of his part in his job at the FBI to make it more interesting, as his father helps pull some strings for this current case he’s assigned.
I can tell you honestly in the beginning of the book I got a little lost, as it does move around from one plot to another, but that’s on me, as I have adult attention deficit, but then the story grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let you go with twists around every corner! As the case builds, evidence seems becomes non-existent, with more abortion bombings, thankfully no one in them at the time. I do have to say, Cheri is a very technical writer, and as you’ll see when you read this fantastic novel, she takes her job as a mystery writer very seriously. It shows in this novel. I have the pleasure of knowing Cheri, so I know many of the events in her book are from actual real events, as she had worked in this field. So she had first hand knowledge. All I can say about this novel? It’s worth your time to purchase and read.
Cheri is a very brave woman to write, base, and share all sides of this highly and religiously debated issue of ‘Pro-life or Pro-choice’ topic. And Cheri does a supreme job of weaving those issues into her book. That is when you really have taken the step as a real writer, when you’re not afraid to raise awareness with your craft as writer and author to use important issues like abortion in one’s work. KUDOS! I give this Novel a 5 Star Review!!

“Cheri’s novel has some more good reviews coming in and wanted to share as, I’m not the only one who enjoyed this fantastic mystery novel! Here is another wonderful review. It is from a very respected ‘Book Reviewer’ at Crystal Book Reviews” http://crystalbookreviews.blogspot.com

Crystal Book Reviews: Sunday, October 5, 2014
The Truth and Nothing but Lies
(Cheri Vause, Author/Novelist)
Chéri is a theologian, a photographer, and an author. She is the mother of two sets of twins born on the same day fourteen years apart. Presently, she lives on a small ranch in the heart of Texas with her husband and a coydog named Scully.


The Truth and Nothing But Lies. Cheri Vause. GWL Publishing. May 2014. 329 pp., e-book.

FBI Agent Grant Greene is a disillusioned detective who is on the verge of quitting when he’s assigned, after his father pull strings to get him leverage on a case that could catapult his career beyond its present inertia, to a case involving the bombing of an abortion clinic in Astoria, Oregon. A reporter, Hector Rodriguez, is hot on this case as it might bring him the kind of public recognition to advance his journalistic position as well. 

Dr. Sanjay Kumar is supposedly the object of pro-life activists, yet something doesn’t seem quite right about the predictability of such a profile even beyond the fact that he botches more abortions than the ones he performs successfully. Ruined lives are more the norm of what he leaves behind him, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Then the bombing of other clinics and the mysterious disappearance of one of the doctor’s clients, Lara, brings the plaintiff deeper with involvement of the CIA and other nefarious characters into the mix.

Add to that some attempted shootings and the fact that no one seems to be able to provide actual evidence makes Greene realize that something larger than anti-abortion supporters is running these events, as well as the fact that the bombings occur when no one is present in the clinics to be hurt.

No spoilers here! But be assured, not a page turns but something new and intensely dangerous is occurring in this mystery/thriller novel based on actual events. Abortion is a highly charged issue and those who take one side or the other feel very strongly about the strength of position which translates to some deep pockets involved here that have political as well as moral motivations.

Cheri Vause has written a riveting novel about the violence and terror behind an issue that has divided and still divides Americans to this day.  Nicely constructed, Ms. Vause! …

A Special Sneak Peek Review Of The Night Shadow ~ Book Series  & Pre-order info
The Night Shadow by Chéri Vausé (Oct 14, 2014) – Kindle eBook

“Now a very special treat for all the readers”. Now that you know Author, Cheri Vause’s current new novel is a great read worth your time, we have a Sneak Peek Review of her long anticipated book series coming out, maybe as soon as this month titled; ‘The Night Shadow’ series.
A good friend and fellow author in her own right, Marilyn Fowler was chosen by Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions & Cheri Vause to read an advanced copy of book one! Marilyn was kind enough to share her sneak peek review on her wonderful blog: http://SelfHelpByMarilyn.wordpress.com & gave me the OK to share it here with all of you. As authors, a constant challenge is getting our readers to come back after reading our books and leave us a review. So when they do, we SO greatly appreciate them. So Cheri is one step ahead of the game with her new book series with this special sneak peek Review …

The Night Shadow

From the first page, The Night Shadow grabs you with instant fascination, as a serial killer’s work pulls you into this journey of intrigue, adding surprise at every turn. Just when you think you’ve solved the mystery, the author cleverly throws another curve. The story is rife with psychological elements, putting you inside each character’s mind, the motives for suspicious behaviors, misinformation, and murder. As the journey progresses, characters change their masks. Good? Bad? Innocent? Guilty? Suspense rises. And the story takes on new tones along the way.
The road to discovery is traveled by two private investigators, former police officers, pursuing the crafty and illusive killer. Esther and Mac are in their familiar realm of activity, but now with more latitude to cut corners and surpass accepted methods of pursuit. They encounter many clues, lies, and dead ends, but are driven by any means to expose the devious killer and stop the seemingly senseless murders. As they attempt to unravel the pieces, their romantic relationship struggles to survive, each with their own inner pain to deal with. Esther’s over-involvement with the case becomes a reflection of her personal inner turmoil brought to the surface, and plays an important part in the ongoing turn of events.
As the story unfolds, the author guides you from one character, one suspenseful event, one emotional experience to another ¾ and another r¾ and another, changing lives in the process. In places, the story seems to approach resolution, but then takes an unexpected turn, and the journey moves on. And everything might be a clue. But many clues are misleading, and you will finally be brought to a most astounding ending.


In this book, the author presents a fascinating chain of events and, given the many characters involved, you will need to get to know them, for they will turn up again with meaning in the story.  Final resolution on this intriguing journey will invite your re-assessment of where you’ve been, the clues, the surprises, the struggles, the emotional ups and downs you’ve experienced. And you will re-live much of it before you can put the book down. And you will feel very satisfied and gratified.
A read you won’t forget!
I wish you a fascinating journey immersed in Cheri’s new book series coming to Amazon Soon.
Author, Marilyn Fowler
Special Thank You Messages from the Author:

        Since embarking on my second career as an author, I’ve had the absolute delight to meet a number of wonderful people who have followed my offerings on my website, and those of you who have read my books. However, there are some I haven’t had the pleasure to correspond with, like Viviane Crystal who wrote this lovely review. I want to remedy that here.

     Writing is a tough business, and, upon many occasions, it’s frustrating. It eats away your time with your loved ones, and ideas attack when you least expect it, often keeping you up until the wee hours of the morning wrestling with them. It can even cause great anxiety when new books are released. Will it be rejected by the reading public? Or, will it be well received? If your ego is the size of a mustard seed, it never seems to grow into that huge bush the scripture so aptly discusses about faith, so you are constantly surprised when someone actually likes your work. And it is right that it doesn’t grow into a huge gnarled mess, annoying your family members, friends, and the reading public with its outlandish posturing. Egos should rightly remain the size of a pea or less.

     With that in mind, I am surprised, and astonished quite a lot. Ms. Crystal liked my work. So did the reviewers on Amazon. It’s a lovely surprise, and one that I constantly feel I must live up to as I continue to write. And I hope that I die before I stop being surprised, and that I continue to work even harder to deserve such praise.
Thank you, Ms. Crystal. Thank you, Amazon reviewers. You are the best.


My new mystery, The Night Shadow, is about to be released. I have had the great pleasure to offer it for a preview to a select few. Ms. Marilyn Fowler was given an advanced PDF of my novel a few weeks ago. Not only did Ms. Fowler read it, but she gave it a beautiful review. It never ceases to amaze me when people like my work, but when they say such incredible things about the words I’ve agonized over for months, I start to sob.
Yes, I’m a huge sober. I cry when my publisher says she loves my work. I shed copious tears when the art department of my publishing house understands my stories so well they create remarkable covers. I tear-up when I read the Press Release. You can imagine how I’m reduced to a puddle when I receive a review, especially one like Ms. Fowler wrote.Yes, I’m a puddle, Ms. Fowler. And every time I thought about it, I sobbed. Thank you. You’ve made my day, my year, my life. Bless you my new friend! ~ *Cheri*

*Well friends and readers, there you have it. Some pretty interesting reviews for a wonderful, and in my opinion, a prolific writer! I believe Cheri has along career ahead of her! I hope you’ll come visit again in about 3 weeks after her new book series, The Night Shadow releases as I will be having a fun contest for all the readers of The Night Shadow! You may just win yourself a Signed Copy of Cheri’s book and more!

I want to Thank Crystal & Marilyn for sharing their reviews with all of us along with my own! Us authors and writers love to know what readers think of our hard work within a craft we love* …
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