A Two Reader Book Review For Novelist, Carl Baker, & Co-Author Marc Heberden, of ’14 Days In July’, A Fantastic Historical Read Worth Your Time.

14 Days in July

*14 Days In July ~ Review by: Author, Catherine Lyon & Reader Brittany Eshleman*
Publisher: Camerado Press; First edition (April 7, 2014) ~ ISBN-13: 978-0615955872
Available on Amazon UK & US, Barnes & Noble, and an Honor at bookstore in Paris, France: ‘Shakespeare and Company’ …


Because Carl and Marc’s novel is so detailed and Carl’s writing so prolific, I needed an extra pair of eyes for this book as to not miss a beat of this fantastic read of ‘The French Revolutionary War, and The Fall of Bastille’. And as the publisher shared, this novel truly is like several stories rolled into this novel similar to, The Three Musketeers, and The man in the Iron Mask.

I actually have the honor of knowing the author, Carl Baker, so I knew the hard work he has put into this beautifully written read, and he wanted the historical sites to be real and actually there if you happen to visit Paris, France. Carl and Marc took very unique steps in sharing what are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Paris, and that’s what makes this historical read stand out from the rest. This story is no doubt of ‘War and History’, as it follows the 14 days in July of the French Revolutionary War at a time of much disarray in France in 1789. With  food blockages, shortages, and mercenary forces keeping the people in line by, Louis XIV, and an iron fist, Carl’s best work is with pen and paper making his main characters come to life.
Brittany and I both enjoyed the unique way the writer includes pieces of historical secrets woven into this fantastic book you won’t find in any school history book! Carl’s writing style is more than a story-teller of history, his rawness and attention to factual details is nothing like I have read before. But the story really begins with the main character some 135 years earlier. About a young man whose identity a mystery, and was painstakingly hidden at any cost, as rumors fly about twin boys being switched, a mystery palace, and so much more.
But then, unexpectedly, love seems to enter the story as a silent moth to a flame, and just when you thought you have read all the secrets, your still in for more twists as the character of ‘Michele’ changes the landscape of this book with a hunt of romance. This novel really is hard to put down.
A page turner for sure! An absolutely outstanding read! Carl and Marc have in my opinion, a #1 Best Seller on their hands!
It’s why Brittany and I truly feel this novel could easily be a series, and why we both agreed on a 5 Star Review for the novel ~ “14 Days In July” …


Carl Baker Carl Baker

Marc Heberden Marc Heberden

Marc Heberden is originally from the Pacific Northwest, Marc Heberden worked in various trades on both sides of the Cascade Mountains including that of newspaper editor where he won awards for feature writing, news writing, promotion and photography. Later, he worked in advertising sales and public relations. He now lives in a small town southwest of Paris.

Here Is What Other Readers Are Saying:

For a New Author this book is a Master piece”! …
*Judith Wright*…

“This book was hard to put down once I started reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense, history or just a good read”
*David Kruger*…

“This is a superb novel. It weaves together the French Revolution with the excesses of Louis XIV, the mystery of the Man In The Iron Mask, and even the Three Musketeers. I was fortunate enough to be in Paris on vacation while reading this book, and it made several of the places there come alive for me”!
*Michael Gibson*
Authors After Thoughts:

If you explore my earlier blog posts here, you’ll find a Special Blog Share about Carl Baker. He was bestowed an honor, (with the help & thanks to  Marc), with his book now sold in Paris, France at “Shakespeare and Company Bookstore”! It is an iconic historical site.
You can read the history on my special post for Carl Baker.


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