A Social Media Extra, Extra! I Welcome Garrett Mintz of “Ambition In Motion, LLC”.

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Hello and Welcome all! Here is a New Feature on my Book & Social Media Promoting site. I thought it would be fun to share news and happenings about interesting new friends I meet from my interactions with REAL PEOPLE through all my social media sites. And this young man is my very first highlight!!
I believe in what he is doing to help and mentor students in the right professional field they may want to study in. I was so impressed with his concept that I had to share it! And, …No ladies, I don’t know if he is single! . . .LOL.

I’m happy to introduce you to “Garrett Mintz”,  and his organization and website called: “Ambition In Motion, LLC” . . .
Garrett Mintz
Garrett Mintz of Ambition In Motion, LLC
He came up with an awesome concept to help students at Indiana University, where he attends,  with a mentorship to direct students to know if the field of study they are thinking about or currently in, to learn if it is the right fit for them. I think Garrett’s description of how he is helping other college students is a wee bit better then how I can describe it! . . . .

Ambition In Motion, LLC ~ http://www.ambition-in-motion.com

Ambition In Motion’s mission is to facilitate young adults in the quest for finding themselves through researching potential careers and majors that make them happiest and providing beneficial, proactive experiences with professionals in the local community based off of those hobbies and interests.
• Does your child know his/her major?
• The average college student changes there major 3 times. This could mean an extra semester or even years of additional college tuition, room and board, and any other living costs you would have to incur.
• Does your child have an idea of what career field they might enter?
In 2013 alone, there were over 100,000 recent college graduates in the US that were unemployed.
• Would you like to give your child professional experiences and career knowledge in the fields he/she is most interested in?
• If you said yes to any of those questions, Ambition In Motion is the company for your child. Not only will AIM pass along the research catered specifically to your child’s interests and act as a resource for your child, but most importantly, Ambition In Motion will give your child the opportunity to connect with a professional in the field they are most interested in.

• Are you unsure of your major, let alone which career field you are interested in pursuing?
• Are you basing your major off of what you think will pay you the most money, what your parents want, or the classes you enjoy the most as a freshman?
• Don’t let life blind side you. A job will not fall in your lap just because you have a degree. Just because a certain job coordinates with a certain major, it does not necessarily mean that what you studied and what you will do in the job will be similar.
Ambition In Motion can help you better understand the differing careers that you are interested in and give you a better perspective on what certain careers are like by connecting you with experienced professionals in those fields.



About The Founder & CEO, Garrett Mintz:

Garrett discovered his passion for helping young adults when he created a non-profit organization in 2011. The main goal of this organization was to help young adults with substance abuse issues. Garrett could relate to these young adults and was able to aid them in making changes vital to getting back on the right track. Garrett assisted these young adults in finding jobs and gaining career experiences.
In 2012, Garrett developed a student organization at Indiana University called CLEAR (College Lifestyles Excluding Alcohol and Recreational drugs). The primary goal of this organization is to provide college students with fun, free alternatives to using and abusing drugs and alcohol. CLEAR has grown to over 100 members and strives to change the stigma that Indiana University is a party school. By starting CLEAR, Garrett has directly contributed to a safer and more enjoyable college experience for students.
Garrett took his experiences and the knowledge he gained from the non-profit and student organization and applied them towards the same demographic, college students, with a different goal in mind. This is what ultimately developed into the commencement of Ambition In Motion. Garrett understands how time-consuming schoolwork, learning about the university culture, and developing a social life is as a college student. With so many options to choose from regarding major and eventual career choice, Garrett understands how difficult it can be to manage all the aspects of college life and make important decisions.
Garrett is providing relief to college students by offering Ambition In Motion. Ambition In Motion will help students sort through the clutter to find the opportunities that will be most beneficial. AIM’s goal is to better educate college students about the career paths that are available and most intriguing to each individual. Ambition In Motion is looking to save college students and their families time, money, and stress by reducing any confusion on which major to choose, which career field will make each student happiest, and which actions to take to achieve those goals.
On The Personal Side Of Garrett:
I love to play basketball, golf and tennis. I love to travel. I am a certified scuba diver and have dove at the Great Barrier Reef, and around the Caribbean Islands. I lived in China for a little while. I moved there knowing no Chinese and, picked it up in about a month. I moved to Utah knowing nobody and started a non-profit to help young adults with substance abuse. I believe that life is about challenging yourself and proving things to yourself on a daily basis that you never thought you could accomplish”.
Now Garrett and I just met a short time ago on the social media Professionals website LinkedIn. When I read his profile I thought? “This guy is going places”! Then after we spoke on the phone a few days ago, I was very impressed with this young man. He gave me more of what he does. He has made it a personal & professional goal to reach out to each person he connects with on LinkedIn, to be able to learn more of what others do in their profession. It helps him personally grow with speaking to business professionals, and he learns much from them just by having personal contact. Then he can use what learns, and shares this in his mentorship.
So if you’re a business professional and would like to reach out and share what you do? Then reach out
to Garrett Mintz on LinkedIn too!
You can also visit his blog,  http://www.ambition-in-motion.com/blog/ ~ Ambition In Motion, LLC

You can get in touch with him by calling Garrett at: 219-776-9153 or by Email: 
I want to Thank Garrett and his partner in crime, Adam Blazak for letting me Highlight what they do, and so happy to have connected with them. I would be happy to help them anyway I can! And as always friends, . . .
“Let them know Author, Catherine Lyon sent you”!
*God Bless*


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  1. This organization and concept for improving the way people live and afford to live, is amazing!! I salute you Catherine for spotlighting such a dope person with an incredible mission and organizations! And salute to Garrett for being so freaking awesome! I look forward to seeing great things happen with Ambition in Motion!

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    • I appreciate that Shaquana!! And I will share your comment with Garrett! It is why I wanted to share him with others. I felt what he is doing for college students is a great concept.

      And I Thank You for visiting. Come by anytime, and very nice to meet you 🙂


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