New Book Release For Author, Marilyn Fowler Titled: Me And Granmama In The Hill Country!

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Marilyn has had this sweet little ‘YouTube video’ floating around for sometime now, and it has finally come to us in book form!

Now of course Marilyn and I have become very close friends since I have started helping her promote her first book titled; Silent Echoes, which is a fabulous read. But it’s been way too long for her second book release, and the buzz I’m hearing about this book is that it’s a “Delightful” read. Her is more about her new book just released and available on Amazon/Books in both Paperback & E-book too!


Seven-year-old Marilee and her younger siblings, Bo and Janie, sit waiting on the front steps of their house wondering if their mama will ever come back. Just as the abandonedMarilee gives up, she sees Granmama running up the road, coming to their rescue.  This begins the adventures and misadventures of learning to grow up on a farm in the hill country. Marilee narrates her story many years later with memories of happy times when they laughed over berry pancakes drenched in syrup from Mr. Lewis’ bee farm, or listened to Granpapa’s funny stories, or reminiscing about the secret hidden in her prom dress.  She remembers chasing renegade chickens all over her grandparents’ massive property,  and how she snickered at what she heard on Granmama’s sewing days. She relives the sad times when the family cried together and clung to each other through each painful challenge.  All those times made up a life, a lifeMarilee holds deep in her heart forever.

This is a story spanning the Great Depression years, two wars that changed their little town, and the years beyond. Each chapter is a new adventure for this resilient family. Characters are unique in their own way, but with a connection that bonds them together with a strength that can’t be broken, while their southern dialect reflects a heritage grown deep in generations before them.  This is Marilee’s story.  One to be remembered always. . .
A Wee Bit About Author, Marilyn Fowler:


I’m a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist. My professional experience includes Mental Health Team Leader, Director of Mental Health Services in the Duval County Jail in Jacksonville, Florida; coordinating Mental Health Services in nursing homes, working on in-patient units, and in private practice for a number of years. I teach a class at the University of North Florida on The Influence of Childhood Messages on Adult Life. I belong to Chat Noir Writers Circle, and I write a self-help on WordPress titled; Self Help By Marilyn:

“My memoir, Silent Echoes, was published three years ago, and I’m now proud to announce my new book,  Me and Granmama in the Hill Country is now out! My stories have appeared in several magazines, and a book entitled: “When God Spoke To Me”.
I’m active in my church, and I believe that a Sense of Humor is a Blessing to be used often. Life should be fun”. . .

Now if you have not been to her helpful new blog, you have got to go take a read. She knows how to get to the root of any problem in life you may come up against, so don’t be shy to ask her questions in her comment section. She give tell you like it is, and with some sound advice. I have told Marilyn that she has to ‘adopt’ me since we have become so close, and I call her my MOM #2!! That’s the kind of woman she is. She just loves LIFE, and tells everyone SO!. . .LOL.
So go connect with Marilyn and grab a copy of her new book today! It would make a great gift idea for the reader in your life!
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Me and Granmama in the Hill Country

Dec 1, 2014 

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