Wait! Hold Up! Pay Hundreds of Dollars for a REVIEW? WHAT?

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Now I won’t be a bad book promoter and name names, but I happen to come across a website while book promoting for one of my clients, and I happen to came across this:


How to Get Your Book Reviewed


  • Request a review by simply clicking the Get Started link. You’ll provide as much information as possible about your book, choose whether you want to send us a printed (mailed) or digital (uploaded) submission, select either standard service (7-9 weeks) or express service (4-6 weeks) and pay for your review (standard service $425, express service $575). When you submit your order, you’ll get a response from the BLANK Indie team confirming receipt of your request.

Now why
would you go and pay that kind of money to have a company read and do a review for your book? Man, I could be out promoting your book, do a review, and post the reviews on all the sites your book is for sale on for 6 times over for that price! Authors, there are plenty of FREE places to get your books reviewed. Many book bloggers will read and post a fabulous review on their book blog, and like myself, as part of any purchased book promoting plan, I offer reviews as part of the package.

Then I also go place your review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, and any other place you’d like that your book is for purchase. If your going to pay good money like this amount above? They better give you a Gold Plated Certificate Book Review for that price!
Now I don’t mean any disrespect to this service, but my own personal feeling is you can get more out of book promoting for that kind of money spent then just one book review.

I am putting together a promo page here on my book blog that will list many free services offered to help get reviews for your books, free promo sites you can list your books, free press releases, and much more on how to help you promote your books. And yes, I have gotten very good results with all the ones I’ll have listed. There are a few place that may cost a small investment, but those sites will help with wonderful results and exposure of your books.

My page should be up in few more days, but until then, here is a great place to start for free if you “Click Here On My Invite Link to About.me.com . . . https://about.me/invite/code/86db8d1e68d148c207848c3aa7c3aa48

This website has a great community of Authors, Writers, Book Bloggers, and most importantly, readers! Readers come to look for new authors and their books! You can make a beautiful Author/Book Bio page using your book cover as your background, a little photo of yourself, and a full “Edit” page to make an easy page with colors, fonts, and tools to show off your books! It is also a Global Community, so even better exposure! Here is my other business About.me page I made for my book promoting:

You can click on either link and get your page free! They also have social media sharing links to add all your social media link address to all your sites, and you can even link your own Author Website or Blog Feed to your page, so when you post an update?, it will show up on your About.me page feed automatically! All these tools for FREE.

So please, don’t waste money like the above example for one paid review! Come back and visit my soon to be live “Book Promoting & Social Media Tips” page and learn how you can find your readership and Book Reviewers at NO COST to you.

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4 thoughts on “Wait! Hold Up! Pay Hundreds of Dollars for a REVIEW? WHAT?

  1. Thanks for telling it like it is, Catherine! Simple honesty with people, goes a long way! And shedding the light on dishonest practices and business, is often on of the most uplifting things we can do for one another. Thanks for the heads up on one more type of book publishing scam, because that’s what those prices are, scams! Peace and blessings always be upon your beautiful spirit!

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    • Hi Shaquana, “Just Keeping It Real Baby”! LOL.. Thanks for coming to visit. Great job on your posts on LinkedIn! I read each one 🙂
      Many Blessings your way,
      *Catherine* XO

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  2. Wow. I would never spend that kind of money on a review! I have gotten plenty of them for free.


    • Hello Kathryn,
      Yes Right?
      I feel the same way. That to me is crazy. And, I feel strongly that our reviews should really be coming from readers who actually spent the
      the money to purchase our books, read them, and leave reviews. For me, it tells me what I need to improve on, or what my readers may want
      for my next book. That means more to me and my craft as a writer and author then a professional review. “Just Sayin” 🙂
      Thanks for your visit and thoughts. 🙂 *Catherine*

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