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UPDATE: I have extended the contest and e-book read time to Feb 27th!

Were you one of the “Lucky Ones” a few weeks ago who were part of the 1,499 people who downloaded, “Echoes from the Oasis” Free E-book giveaway by: Author, A.R. Tirant (Rosie)?

Well if you were? Have you finished reading this beautiful Historical Novel? Have you gone back to Amazon Kindle and placed a Book Review yet? Well what are you waiting for? Just write a few lines in the review tab and tell her, and other book shoppers how fantastic this read is. Then put your name to the review and come back here to my book blog and enter to win some “Fabulous Prizes”!

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Now many readers know that book reviews helps us as writers and authors to know how and if you enjoyed our books, but it also let’s us know WHAT are readers want for future reads. Let’s see what some of the readers have to say in their reviews about this Fabulous Novel! And did I mention it is going to be a novel series? Yes, more volumes are coming!
So keep visiting and will share all the release dates and news about Author, A.R. Tirant! (Rosie). . .

Here is what some readers are saying about: Echoes from the Oasis. . .

Bittersweet Enduring Love”  January 13, 2015  By elaine m. suda

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Even though I spent more time sobbing during my reading about Anna and Louis, I am still happy that their love endured. Anna still has her baby daughter to love and reminds her of the passion she shared with Louis. I look forward to reading more of your work.”

Five Stars”  January 9, 2015  By  Julia Kirk

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book,  September 20, 2014  By Steve Layton (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, US). . .
Rosie, my dear friend, I remember the day you shared your plans about writing a novel. You never lost your enthusiasm, and over the years I witnessed your dream grow, your passion take shape and the birth of “Echoes from the Oasis”.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, you have done a great job and I highly recommend this novel. You transport the reader to your island home, through vivid descriptions, and your depiction of characters is amazing. You have captured the Seychelles Creole culture and painted an amazing picture of life on the islands during colonial times, as your characters from all social background and different ethnicity interact with one another.
Bravo! I can’t wait for the sequel.

Congratulations, your work has its rightful place at the archives of The Seychelles National Library, along with the work of many of your fellow authors from the Seychelles.

5 Stars! November 16, 2014 ~ Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Rosie has done a fine job in promoting her new novel where she had been born and raised, which in opinion, is one of the most beautiful places on earth, The Seychelles Islands.

Not only has Rosie written a beautiful fiction romance, she also shares many of the traditions, ways, and cultures of this beautiful part of the world. And the about a young woman, Anna who blossoms when she finds love. Even one of Rosie’s written characters has my first name, Catherine. Now that made me feel special. But I’m pretty confident that was well planned in her book before we had ever met.

I also have to warn you about this read, when you start reading Rosie’s book, be prepared to have a few late nights as I did. One night I didn’t turn out my reading lamp until almost 2 am. Now that’s a great read! I was so drenched into this storyline, the well written historical sites tells me the author did some research. But then again, when your born and raised where your storyline takes place, it is the past historical background Rosie really shines. She has a wonderful writing style I enjoyed as well.
That’s why I gave this beautiful read a 5 Stars! It truly is worth your time to purchase and read . . .
Author, Catherine Lyon

So many wonderful reviews, if you didn’t get your copy of her novel for free a few weeks ago, now you know by some of the shared reviews that it is worth the read! So grab or download your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble online now, for this is what you should be reading this weekend! And for those who did download your Free E-book?
Go get your Amazon Review done and come enter here to WIN!

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