#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 5!

OK Readers & My Friends,. . . .
If you have not been over to Rochelle’s blog yet and get in on the FUN of her Indie Author Challenges? It’s to go take a visit and have some fun!! Hurry!! Get over there! LOL.

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Marnie Cate_Day4_IndieRoar_6 4 2015

#IndieRoar Challenge – Day 5

Predict the title of your favorite Indie author’s next book! (Funny, or serious — you choose!) #IndieRoar

Okay folks — yesterday’s challenge was a hoot! On straight retweets alone, Marnie Cate’s Photoshopped tweet “won” the day with 20 retweets and 17 faves (see it above).  Then, Keeley’s got second place with 13 retweets.  CE Vance’s Photoshopped tweet came in third with 11 retweets. (By the time you read this things may change but that’s the lay of the land right this second!)

You are all clearly up to the badass Indie challenges we’re throwing your way! Congrats to you all. You made us ALL smile.

Today’s challenge is more intellectual.  We want to know just how well you know — or, think you know! — your favorite Indie author and his/her work.  Tell us what you think they will name their next work.  You can’t tell…

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