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What Goes Around-Jake Shaw Private Eye Book 1

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Author, Wayne Andrewartha is an accountant by day, and a prolific writer of crime fiction novels by night. This man of mystery calls Auckland, New Zealand home. His new novel series, book 1 of, “The Jake Shaw Private Eye Series” just released on in the Kindle store. Wayne enjoys hobbies like reading, gardening and ten pin bowling.

He also enjoys watching sports like rugby, tennis and motor sports. He attended “Auckland Technical Institute” with a degree in accounting. Had owned his own business for many years until he sold it, and now built and runs his own accounting business. So he has accomplished a lot in his life so far. Now, he is taking the indie author market by storm!He is a little more about Wayne and his other novel series.


About The Author:

Wayne Andrewartha is an accountant, and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Since he was a small boy, he has always wanted to write books. His love of travelling and his vivid imagination are obvious throughout this crime novel. This novel is packed full of action as Private detective, Jake Shaw faces impossible odds to rescue the wife of a client. It is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages which readers of crime stories will thoroughly enjoy.

And there is more ….

Wayne has written two other novels, Diamonds of Death and the much praised sequel, Roll of the Dice. For action/ thriller fans, they are a must read. In addition, he has written 48 short stories if which two have high recommendation notification from the Katherine Mansfield short story competition and a highly commend for a short story from the West Auckland Short Story Writing competition. Many will be published later this year.
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About Wayne’s Novels:

About The New Release:

Jake Shaw, ex policeman, now private eye, isn’t too fussy about the kind of cases he handles. His cash flow won’t permit him that luxury. Hung over and lucky to be alive after an unsuccessful drive-by shooting, Jake receives an urgent call from an old client asking for his help. His wife has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers have threatened to kill her if he doesn’t do exactly as they say. They haven’t told the client what they want from him, and Jake presumes it’s the usual ransom demand for money. He undertakes to negotiate based on his assumption – pay the money and get the wife back alive.

But the kidnappers have a unique request, which takes Jake by surprise. What is even more frustrating is that his client has lied to him, placing him in a life and death struggle to survive.
As things start to unravel, Jake wonders if this assignment’s linked to a previous case – one where the horrific end result kept him awake for months on end?

And who is this mystery man who keeps stalking Jake? How does he fit into the puzzle?
As the kidnappers’ deadline looms, Jake’s options are few – find the item the kidnappers want, or rescue the kidnapped wife before she is killed and disposed of. When he finds the mystery item, and arranges for a straight swap, the exchange goes horribly wrong. Now faced with finding the kidnapped wife on his own, he wonders whether he will be in time to save his client’s wife.
This book introduces the new detective of crime, Jake Shaw, and immediately merges him into an action-packed drama, where the penalty for failure is death .  .  .
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Another Novel Series By Wayne Andrewartha, Author (Book 1 & 2)

 Product Details
Diamonds of Death (The Adventures of Luke & Leanne Docherty Book 1) Kindle Edition

About The Novel Series:

A brutal African dictator is overthrown by UN forces and flees with other family members undetected to a South American bolthole.  Utilising the IT genius of his son, he develops an electronic device, powered by a satellite-linked, diamond receiver, which he launches worldwide. This electronic toy, called an In-Per, becomes an overnight sensation. At the same time, through intermediaries, he gifts a number of these units to UN and world leaders at public events. Why is he so generous?

Because his enemies are responsible for what has happened to him. And now they must pay.
With the flick of a switch, these high-tech units will become deadly to anyone near them.
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Product Details
Roll of the Dice (The adventures of Luke and Leanne Docherty Book 2) Kindle Edition

About Book 2 of the Series:

The exciting sequel to Diamonds of Death has finally arrived.
Luke and Leanne Docherty are recovering in New Zealand from their harrowing ordeal in bringing down James Tangalata (Diamonds of Death) when they are contacted by their UN boss with some bad news. A computer genius, Eric Lee has fled his place of employment, suspected of stealing newly developed
military software. But what does this have to do with Luke and Leanne?

Their old nemesis, Gus Milano, has returned, hell-bent on revenge. He has aligned himself with Eric Lee, intending to use the new virtual reality game Eric Lee has invented to punish Leanne for almost destroying him in Colombia. To capture Gus, and ultimately Eric Lee, Leanne must allow herself to be taken.
Luke intends to follow her, but his plans go astray when Leanne disappears completely.
Now Luke has to battle against time, and a sadistic foe that has shown no mercy. Will he be on time to save Leanne? Or will she succumb to the unpredictable events which make up the on-line reality game?

This full-throttle thriller, the exciting sequel to Diamonds of Death, is full of action, drama, compassion and tragedy all wrapped in one. The reader is quickly drawn into a world of simulated make-believe, experiencing firsthand what the players face to survive. Are you brave enough to face your own fears?
Some are. Some aren’t. Which group do you belong to? . . .
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Wayne has many interests. He is a member of  ‘The New Zealand Rotary,’ where he and members have done many charitable activities both in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific. He served as past club president and was bestowed the highest award given by ‘The Rotary, The Paul Harris Fellowship Award.’

Wayne has traveled extensively throughout South East Asia in his teens. In his 20’s traveled with his best mate through Australia, and throughout his life to Europe, England, Canada and the USA. All the traveling was the inspiration to write his very first non-published book. I hope he does indeed publish it in the future.

So there your go readers and friends. Now you know all about Author and Novelist, Wayne Andrewartha.
And all about his fascinating life and his fantastic novels as well. Wayne is always available for guest author interviews and podcast/radio interviews.

Welcome aboard Wayne!

You can contact Wayne for interviews through:  or

Connect with him on Social Media:
Twitter: @Andrewartha_W

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