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( Author, Vinnie Sorce and his new book, Jersey Justice )


One of my favorite book websites to visit is my UK buddy, Mr. Kevin Cooper called, “Kev’s Domain ~ Kev’s Great Indie Authors.”

It is a great place for both authors and readers and has a fresh new look to his site. He showcases indie authors, new books, book reviews and more. And being an author himself, he does a wonderful job in presenting many authors and their books and novels on his website.

Now you are wondering why I would give some love to another book promoter? Well, I have known Kevin a long time, and he did my book and author showcase a few years back when my first book came out. AND? Trust me, there are plenty of new indie authors looking for help to promote their books to go around. I recommend many of my book clients and readers to visit Kev’s site.


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Author, Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, England in 1963.
He moved to the USA in 1985 when he was 21 years old. He graduated with a BA in Psychology from Asbury College in Kentucky with recognition on the Dean’s List. He continued his studies at the Grand Canyon University in Arizona, where he obtained a Research Fellowship and graduated with a M.Ed with a strong focus on writing and grammar.

While in America, Kevin has been a College Lecturer of General Studies, a Manager for The Hertz Corporation, who acknowledged him with awards of recognition for his service and dedication to the company, a Substitute Teacher, and a Private Tutor. He now resides in England and is an established Author of several works. Kevin founded Kev’s Author Interviews and Author of the Month to help promote fellow authors worldwide through his website and across the social media networks.

“As an author, I know how difficult it is to market a book and get the exposure that is needed to make sales. This is why, in addition to writing and promoting my books, I also do whatever I can to help other authors within my community.”
Visit Kev’s Amazon Author page to learn more about him and his big selection of books he has published.


download (1)Kev’s Author Interviews & Guest Authors with its Author of the Month feature have become increasingly popular over the past year or so and have a huge show of support from my community. To apply simple visit the page in the menu.

So if you’re an author, go on over and check out all that Kevin does to help you promote your books! Now here is the fabulous “Guest Author Interview by Kev of Author, Vinnie Sorce, and his new book release “Jersey Justice.”

Great Indie Authors, Presents, … Author, Vinnie Sorce

Me headshot

of Chino Valley, Arizona

A Short Bio

Vinnie Sorce is an award-winning* author debuting his first book, Jersey Justice.

He’s been a writer for over ten years, selling articles and short stories along with blogging.

He grew up in North Jersey and currently lives in Arizona with one remaining child that hasn’t escaped yet. He likes to read, watch too much TV, wear his heart on his sleeve, and over examine situations that haven’t occurred yet.

Oh, and he eventually wants to save the world. No super powers are making that a difficult job, though.

*Now, when I say award-winning, I mean an award I made up and gave to myself. It was a beautiful ceremony. I cried.

Kev: What is your latest book about?


It’s about a bullied youth who grows up to help people who can’t help themselves. His life is complicated by his off the wall sister, and his best childhood friend, Marci, who is slowly becoming his lover.

Kev: Who or what influenced you to write it?

Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie plum series was my influence. I grew up in North Jersey and loved the idea of having it set in such a familiar place.

Kev: Did you do any specialised research for your story?

Nope. Since the location was so familiar that was easy, and it’s fiction, so I improvised everything else!

Kev: What challenges did you face while writing the story?

The absolute biggest challenge was finding the time to write. A full-time job, and three kids make that difficult.

Kev:  Who is the protagonist?

Jimmy Vincent is my main man. I came up with his name and the title, Jersey Justice, first.

Kev: What would you say is the protagonist’s greatest weakness or obstacle and why?

His biggest weakness is his want to save the world and knowing he can’t do that.

Kev: What would you say is the main antagonist’s greatest strength?

He doesn’t realize it, but his greatest strengths are the people (characters) around him.

Kev: Could you provide a short passage from your book to give us a taster?

JerseyJustice“What the hell did you do?” he asked in dismay, hand to his head and covered in blood.

“I fought back,” was all I said calmly with a smile as I walked away, tucking the pistol into my jacket pocket. From now on, it would always be with me. This was a message to the scum of the world. From now on, it would be different.


Kev: Do you use some kind of formula when you write?

Not even a little bit. I just sit and write and it comes tumbling out. . . .

Kev: Preference for writing: Day or Night? 

Not so much a preference as necessity. I write at night after work and after dinner.

Kev: What is your editing process?

When I have no juice left I start rereading what I already have and go from there.

Kev: Who creates your book covers?

I have a marketing friend who created this cover.

Kev: How do you promote your work?

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn I also just hired a promoter who is getting me and the book out there.

Kev: What advice would you offer to new authors?

Don’t give up is the biggest advice I could give. Just keep writing and submitting, or go ahead and self-publish.

Kev: Which two social media platforms do you use the most and why?(Include links)

Twitter and Facebook are the two I use the most. I guess because I understand them, and am the most familiar with them.

Kev: Do you have a website?

Kev: Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am currently 80 pages into the sequel, Jersey Jezebel. Look for it soon!

Vinnie sorce, everyone!

(Authors who would like to be interviewed on Kev’s website can visit here:
Kev’s Author Interview & Contact Page ) And check out all him promoting services too!

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