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Well, I just finished Author, Andrew C. Branham’s new book, a memoir of his experience of adopting his daughter sweet Amelia. Andrew and partner DJ, explain the “HELL they went through, and what a ride these dads have been on. Reading Andrew’s book really opened my eyes to how our adoption process and system is so broken. Even the legal process a couple has to go through when they decide to start a family through adoption is also very broken.

And even though Andrew and DJ are two gay partners who had the desire to start a family together? By no means is this book just about gay couples wanting to adopt. It is about ALL couples who have to go through the same system they did to adopt. Yes, his book gives you an in-depth look for the LGBT community who are thinking of doing the same? But all couples go through a similar process. And Andrew had many obstacles to get over while this process played for them. I also want readers to know that Andrew and his partner are strong advocates of adoption and continue to help other families in the adoption process. 20% of his profits will be donated to the U.S. foster care system.

Here is a little about the book/memoir titled; Anything For Amelia: A true story of the challenges endured by two gay men who had the desire to adopt a child.

About The Memoir:
A true story of the challenges endured by two gay men who had the desire to adopt a child.

When Andrew and DJ decided to adopt and bring a child into their lives, little did they know what they were about to endure; yet never did the thought cross their minds to give up. The horrific, pitilessly, and beyond comprehensible hoops one woman would make them jump through demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that little Amelia was going to be much better off in the loving home that Drew and DJ could provide her. Just when you think, how can two people survive such a nightmare and the journey is just about over when little Amelia is born and will be safely in the arms of her loving dads, Sandi decides to pull one more shenanigan that could change their lives forever.

More than 10 million adults have been adopted or fostered in their childhood. Along with spiraling increases in adoptions comes a growing need to disclose the significant flaws in adoption laws that open the doors to fraud, manipulation, and abuse of the system. AMELIA is the first book to explore this dark side of the adoption process through the true story of one couple’s journey through hell. Called “the most difficult adoption in U.S history, by adoption experts, the book appeals to nearly all families (traditional and non-traditional) interested in adoption, foster parenting, or surrogacy
An amazing book filled with tips, advice, and eye-opening first-hand accounts, this is one feel-good story that serves an important purpose and fills a critical gap in adoption literature. – D. J. Herda

Andrew C. Branham
( DJ holding Amelia, and Andrew Branham, Author)

My Book Review of ‘Anything For Amelia.”
First I want to let readers know this book/memoir hit Amazon’s #1 Best Seller list for LGBT Memoir/Biography reads, and currently has 100% 5 Star Amazon Book Reviews. .. ..

An Amazing True Story Of Adoption and A New Beautiful Family.

on September 28, 2015
What more can I add to many other fantastic reviews of Andrew Branham’s new book titled, ‘Anything for Amelia’ that has not been written already. Very well written account of a truly heartwarming, and at times heartbreaking experience both Andrew and DJ had to face until the sweet victory of having a family they desperately wanted with Amelia as their daughter. I also came away from this book realizing that our adoption system is badly broken in this country. No parents should have to battle like Andrew had to start a family through the adoption system. Way to many open loop holes in our flawed system.

I want to echo what another reader mentioned in their review, that his book is not just about two gay men wanting a child, nor about the LGBT community. This is real lives, going through real pain when they came to many heart breaking road blocks in their process of adopting Amelia.

I feel more legal rights need to lean for the couples adopting than most all for the birth mother. Yes, much is and can be done through the legal process, but not through a broken system. and this book is proof how corrupt our system is, and seems to lean way more toward the birth mother, and not the family adopting. Very unfair balance.

As a book reviewer point of view, Andrew did an exceptional job with writing such an in-depth personal journey that will help many parents adopting now after Andrew and DJ, to use his book as a guide of what to expect when adopting a child. What a legacy to leave behind for his family and for all who read his book. My heart goes out to them of the heartaches they had to go through, but in the end? Just take one look at Sweet Amelia, and I’m sure she makes it all worth IT! . . . .

Excellent & Highly Suggested Read!  ~ ~ Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
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A Few more Readers Reviews on Amazon:

Amazing story of Love
This book is a heart wrenching depiction of a difficult adoption story. Although the difficult process was detailed….heartbreaking to say the least. But the beautiful theme that cannot be overshadowed is Love….fight for love no matter how difficult the battle! Amazing story thank you for sharing it with the world. Highly Suggested Read!
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Great read! The emotional roller coaster of the open …

Great read! The emotional roller coaster of the open adoption from hell! Even knowing how the story ended, I couldn’t put the book down as I had to see what Sandi would come up with next. She is a character so evil that she couldn’t be made up; what she put Drew and DJ through for the duration of her pregnancy is truly evil! There is something wrong with the adoption laws if people like this can hold prospective parents hostage. I don’t know the answer but this shows that it is a question worth asking. Amazing that one woman could impact so many in such a negative manner. I only hope that CPS did their job; there are so many sympathetic characters in this story that you’ll find yourself rooting for all of them!
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“Thoughts from an Attorney:”

“The best adoption memoir currently on the market. Why is it the best? Because it is 100% transparent and honest. No other book will give you such a candid look at the darker side of adoption. This is a must read for all adoptive or soon to be adoptive families.”   – Anonymous Adoption Attorney

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So I think you the picture that this is a great book by the reviews its receiving. Andrew’s book is also now available in paperback on Amazon, and now available on Barnes & Noble as well. Please Visit Andrew’s website to learn more and support them: Anything For Amelia ~ Andrew Branham and purchase his book on Amazon today!

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