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Now it is not very often that I share many articles from some of my “go to book promo sites” I enjoy sharing with authors and writers. But when I got my email newsletter from BookDaily.com today, I read a great post about holiday gift giving of awesome books. And I myself have posted my clients books with a special message about just this fact. So I thought I would share this fantastic article that has tips and advice on how to boost sales from the holiday season. And you need to start NOW! It is a great time to hire someone to help promote your books.

Or even go do a holiday book promotion ad over at BookDaily. I did a one month book blast and it did increase my sales for that month. You can cancel, stop and restart a book promo there anytime. I hope this article share helps many authors with their holiday book promotions.  And make sure you go join free and get your own newsletter of book promoting tips by BookDaily.com . . .

4 Ways To Boost Book Sales For The Holidays | BookDaily #Authortips

Myrlande E Sauveur
Books make excellent gifts for any occasion. They are very affordable, easy to wrap and make great stuffing stuffers for the holidays. As an author you have to learn how to make the best of the holiday season to boost your book sales. Here are four ways to help you:

1. Be visible: Be where your readers are, be a source of information by becoming an expert in your field, and consistently bring value to them. Be active on social media, create a special holiday blog, offer to be a guest blogger on different blogs, be a guest on a local TV and radio show.

2. Make your book accessible: Having your book available in multiple formats and different channels will help boost your sales and you will never miss a selling opportunity, such as having hard copies for speaking engagements and instant sale; eBook format for worldwide distributions, Kindle for Kindle users, Nook for Nook users. EBooks are always great for last-minute gift.

3. Get your community involved: Many local organizations and businesses give out books to different charities and their employees for the holiday season; make your book be their book of choice by doing the followings:
• Find out which organizations/companies fit your book genre
• Creatively link the theme(s) of your book to their motto and engage in partnership
• Offer special holiday discount for buying in bulk
• Offer to be a special guest at their holiday events

4. Give back: The holiday season is all about giving back and make people smile so what’s the best way to do that than supporting a charitable cause with part of your proceeds?

You can create a “holiday buy for a cause” campaign, autographed copies giveaway, offer autographed copies with free shipping on your website. Give out bookmarks, and/or Free copy with the purchase of three or more. And don’t forget to ask them to recommend your book to their friends, family members and social media networks.

Happy selling and happy holidays.


( Books make great Holiday Gifts for your Readers on your list! )