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Here is our second installment of what “Lyon Book Promotions Fine Authors” and writers have been up to. I keep my clients busy with blogs, listing their wonderful books on readers sites and book clubs and more!  Yes, they may get a little tired of hearing from me from time to time, LOL, … but their books are so good that we want as many readers knowing these books are released and available! They all can be purchased on Amazon. We posted part one, here is part two of some of our fabulous authors and friends we have the Honor of book promoting for!
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Bette A Stevens, and author and writer inspired by nature has been pretty busy sharing all her books. Her latest two releases, “Dog Bone Soup” and “Pure Trash” are racking up the 5 star reviews on Amazon. She also has been busy doing author interviews and internet radio shows too. She writer both fiction and children’s books, and her children’s books are award winners! Here is a wonderful Guest Blog Book Review of her book, “Dog Bone Soup!”…

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Guest Book Review – Dog Bone Soup By, Marilyn Armstrong of The Blog SERENDIPITY


DOG BONE SOUP is the long-awaited “rest of the story” of Shawn Daniels from the original short story, “Pure Trash.” It’s particularly long-awaited for me because as soon as I read the short story, I wanted to read this book. The only problem was, Bette hadn’t yet written it.

But she did it. Dog Bone Soup is available for your reading pleasure. And what a pleasure it is.

Bette has the purest, freshest writing style I’ve read in many a long year. Reading her prose is like peering into an exceptionally clear, deep pool. It looks like the bottom is close enough to touch, but those waters run deep.

Bette Stevens is a class act, an author who knows how to tell a story. Her characters are real, so true to life, they practically leap off the page. In Dog Bone Soup, style and the story are blended to perfection.


dog bone soup collage

I’ve read a lot of books about rural poverty and for some reason, all those stories are set in the south. This is as far from south as you can get. It’s a timely and important reminder that poverty is not a regional issue.

Poverty is everywhere, from the biggest cities to the hidden hamlets where tourists never go. Children pay the highest price.

Shawn Daniels’ story is wonderful. It’s about growing up and coming of age for a poor kid from a dysfunctional family. His world is cold and hardscrabble. A drunken father, a vanishing mother. Foster parents with no love to share, teachers who can’t see past patches and frayed cuffs. Yet somehow Shawn forges a road of his own. Armed with courage, intelligence, humor, and grit, he grows into a strong young man with solid values. He creates his own future.

Sometimes, very little can be enough.

There’s nothing depressing about this story. How come? Because Shawn Daniels hasn’t a shred of self-pity in him. Despite the challenges he faces, Shawn is never down. Not depressed, discouraged, broken, or beaten. This kid has grit. Determination and a solid grip on his own worth.

Where does it come from? Mom, sometimes. A few others who see Shawn’s value and give him a hand along his path. A personal, hard-wired toughness that lets him see past the life he is living it to the life he wants — and for which he is willing to work. Mostly, it is Shawn’s own sharp intelligence which enables him to understand his world. It lets him trust his judgment without bogging down in unearned guilt. He makes smart decisions.

It’s a great story — and it’s far from over.
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Here are more links to see all that Author, Bette A Stevens has been up to. The Blog Talk Radio Interview is a must listen. I really enjoyed it myself! The Link: Blog Talk Radio

Blog Author Interview
And make sure you check out in one of 4 Book Promos Bette is having over at My Book Place Promos
Here is the schedule!

  • PURE TRASH  ~ Tuesday, NOV 17
  • DOG BONE SOUP ~ Thursday, NOV 19
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Meet Author, James S Martinez another fantastic children’s writer. He also owns the publishing house too at Helping Tales Publishing . . .

Now James has many wonderful kids books to choose from, while they hold your child’s attention with the fun animal characters and vibrant colors and pictures, each one has a little Life Lesson in the Story.  Here is more about Helping Tales Publishers and James most resent new book releases. . .

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About James Martinez & Helping Tales:

James S. Martinez was born in December of 1963 on Ramey, AFB in Puerto Rico.  He attended Kent State University and was awarded an MS in Biomedical Sciences in 2001. He has been an avid reader.

He is a dedicated volunteer for many years and believes wholeheartedly that “One person can make a difference”. It’s with this belief in mind that he and co-founder Timothy T. Civick, created Helping Tales Publishers.

Helping Tales Publishers has committed to making reading have a positive impact on the world by “helping those in need, one story at a time”.  In order to accomplish this mission, Helping Tales Publishers writes and produces entertaining, empowering,and educational books that teach empathy, compassion and service to the community to children of all ages.

James Martinez is a freshman author with three books in print, Patches’ Awesome Day,UnMaravillosoDia Con Patches and Diamonds in the Ruff, now 3 more new book releases! Each book is written in a whimsical tone with rhyming verse.

The simple and fun stories are paired with beautiful illustrations created by Timothy T. Civick that captivate and enchant the reader. These books also serve the purpose of raising funds to aid various charities across the country.  A quote from Diamonds in the Ruff summarizes why Helping Tales Publishers was created. “If there’s a need, help the cause, Whether you help people or those with paws. By helping one, you help us all. Take up the fight and heed the call!” Please be on the lookout for more books from James S. Martinez and Helping Tales Publishers.

Please visit James over at  Helping Tales Publishers New Children’s Books as they will make fantastic holiday gifts for the kids on your readers gift list!
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Rod Ballard, Author and Writer has his first romance novel released. “The Confessions of A True Womanizer” Now available on Amazon. New Release Alert!

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About This New Romance Novel:
Romeo Roosevelt was raised in a household where he witnessed his father abuse and cheat on his mother. After Romeo’s mother left his father—Romeo grew up taking on one characteristic of his father—being a “Womanizer!” Blessed with his father’s good looks and deceiving ways—Romeo’s sexy swagger and enticing demeanor makes him irresistible to women. Jumping from woman to woman was all Romeo knew. When Romeo reunites with his first love—he finds himself wanting to change for the better.
Can Romeo’s first love make him give up his lust for women or will she just be another Confession of a True Womanizer?

Meet Rod Ballard Writer and New Author:
Rod is an author that is a native of South Carolina. Just a few years ago in 2012, he started writing stories and decided that in spite of coming from a place where it seemed few people dared to dream big, he would fulfill his dream to be a published author. So he finished his first published novel, “The Confessions of a True Womanizer,” earlier 2015 and immediately sought ways to spread the word. And why not here on!

Rod is committed to health & fitness to live a positive life. It is his personal belief that the way you take care of yourself on the outside reflects who you are on the inside. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing and listening to music of various styles, but favors Smooth Jazz and R&B.

He also commits to motivational speaking and anything that has a positive role in his life and the lives of others. Rod Ballard’s future aspirations are to be a best-selling author and to see his works on movie screens.
Follow Rod on Instagram! @rod_writer

Now Rod does not let grass grow under his feet, as he has been busy with writing his next novel and has been busy with Guest Author interviews and Shows! Rod recently was featured on the talk show, “The Logan Power Show,” in September 2015. He talked about his childhood growing up and how he was introduced into writing. You can find that show on under “Author Rod Ballard on The Logan Power Show.” (see link below). . .
Rod has also been featured on plenty of Blog Talk Radio Shows—so he is no stranger to interviews. He welcomes them!
So email him today if you’d like him to be a guest on your show or book blog!
Link to The Logan Show:
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I hope you enjoyed reading about all the author and book news of all our Fine Authors! If you explore our earlier posts listed, you can learn see and learn about all our authors on their Author Spotlights “-)

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