A Merry Christmas Book Share Of Children’s Authors Whose Books Make Great Gifts!


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“Now we all know books make great holiday gifts for all the readers on your ‘Christmas Gift List.’ So I wanted to share two wonderful Children’s Authors with you today, as their books will be a “delight” for all the kids on your list. They are colorful and vibrant, and the kids will love them!
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Our first fabulous children’s author is Bette A Stevens, Author and illustrator of both her children’s books. And they are award winners too!

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Amazing Matilda ~ Bette A Stevens, Author/Illustrator:

Inspire the Kids in Your Life to Meet Challenges with Patience and Persistence!
This inspirational tale of a Monarch butterfly and her meadowland friends is the second children’s book written and illustrated by Bette A. Stevens.

  • Packed with action and adventure, this book is sure to entertain and inspire.
  • TWO LITERARY AWARDS–Excellence in Children’s Literature:
    * 2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Award (Picture Books 6+)
    * THE GITTLE LIST 2013 (Top 10 Self-published Children’s Picture Books)

Monarch Butterfly conservation is in the news. AMAZING MATILDA is too! Her storyline and illustrations follow the monarch life cycle and highlight milkweed, an environmentally threatened plant, the only food source for monarch caterpillars.
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The Tangram Zoo and Puzzles Too! ~ Bette A Stevens

The Tangram Zoo and Word Puzzles Too! is a resource for multi-cultural and interdisciplinary studies in the classroom or at home. Integrates Math (measurement and geometry) and Language Arts (research and writing) for elementary and middle school students, while presenting a few historical facts about tangrams. Tangrams and word puzzles (rhyming riddles/poetry) encourage students to have fun while they’re learning, and then to demonstrate what they’ve learned. Includes ideas for home/school projects. Tangram outlines, with rhyming riddles as clues, are even labeled for coloring for preschoolers. Hands-on fun for the whole classroom/Family!

About The Author:

Inspired by nature and human nature, Bette A. Stevens is an author, retired teacher, wife, mother of two and grandmother of five. Stevens lives in Central Maine with her husband on their 37-acre farmstead where she enjoys writing, reading, gardening, walking and reveling in the beauty of nature. She advocates for children and childhood literacy and for monarch butterflies, an endangered species.

Stevens has written articles for ECHOES, The Northern Maine Journal of Rural Culture based in Caribou, Maine. In 2013, the author published her first book for the YA/Adult audience: PURE TRASH: The story, a short story of a boy growing up in rural New England and prequel to DOG BONE SOUP, debut novel released January 2015. . . .
Please give her a visit to her website to learn more about her and all her fabulous books! And follow her on Twitter @betteastevens
Author, Bette A Stevens Website
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Our second children’s author is James S Martinez and Helping Tales Publishers. His two new book releases Amazon!

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The Final Pet Stop: (Patches The Dog)

This book is for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet. The Final Pet Stop explores the question: “Is there a place that all pets go on that final day?” Follow along with Patches the dog and his friends in this heartfelt and lyrical tale as they give us a glimpse into the wonderful place known as “The Final Pet Stop.” The book is beautifully illustrated and has a sure way of reaching children going through a time of grief. This new work comes from the creators of Patches’ Awesome Day, Diamonds in the Ruff, The Most Incredible Journey: A Pibble’s Path and the award-winning The Dinosaur’s New Shoes…
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The Dinosaur’s New Shoes: (Teddy T Rex)

Winner: 2015 Readers Favorite Award Endorsed by The National Bullying Prevention Center (PACER.org) The Dinosaur’s New Shoes is a wonderfully inspiring story about Teddy T-Rex, a young dinosaur that, when he sees someone being bullied, stands up to the bully, instead of just being a bystander. This story helps to teach children how to properly confront bullies and demonstrates how, through empathy, compassion and caring for others, that bullying can be overcome and eliminated.

This book provides a way to open a fun dialogue with children, parents, and educators through a lovable and engaging role model, named Teddy T-Rex, with whom they can identify and follow his example. This book also includes resources for kids, parents and educators on anti-bullying, such as how to identify a bully, who may be at risk, and how to properly respond to bullying. Parents and children will love the wonderful life lessons found in this book. “The Dinosaur’s New Shoes” will inspire all readers to change the world by helping those in need.

About The Author:
James S. Martinez was born in December of 1963 on Ramey, AFB in Puerto Rico. He attended Kent State University and was awarded an MS in Biomedical Sciences in 2001. He has been an avid reader and dedicated volunteer for many years and believes wholeheartedly that “One person can make a difference”. It’s with this belief in mind that he and co-founder Timothy T. Civick, created Helping Tales Publishers.

Learn More about James Martinez on his wonderful website over at Helping Tales Publishers  and follow him on Twitter too! @helpingTales

 Here are a few more books you will find on his website.


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 I hope you enjoyed your time here learning about two fantastic Authors who have you covered for gift giving for your little ones this Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Reading Friends!
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