Wishing You All A Very Merry & Blessed Christmas With A Guest Poem Of HOPE

Hello and Merry Christmas Readers, Clients and Friends,



A very special guest poet and beautiful Christmas Poem by, Keith Garrett.
I wanted to share it here with all who visit, so you can “Feel The HOPE” that I felt when I read this very special poem. . . .


y,  Keith Garrett Poetry

I Imagined I was awake and this aging world had changed,

Asleep and dreaming was this man, listen to what is seen.

Just suppose all mankind was with peace, my mind sees,

No wars to conquer, not a child would have to die.

Anger and hatred put aside, not a bomb to drop on any side,

All home for Christmas, loved ones together everywhere.

No colors of difference, all are of human flesh and blood,

Violence and crime are a thing of the past, do you see.

As I sleep, watch me while I dream, Imagine,

Hand in hand across the land, give of yourself what you can.

Evil and corruption destroyed from above, dream with me,

Christmas dreams live inside many a heart, love conquers.

The world holds much beauty but covered with doubt and fear,

My dreams are told, did you listen with an ear, did you see,

Pray for mankind, share in my Christmas dreams.

Keith Garrett


A very Merry and Blessed Christmas Everyone,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon of  Lyon Book Promotions

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    • Hello Bette,

      Right? I wish that could be the world we live in today…. Hope you had a blessed Christmas with family & friends! Ours was quite and stress free LOL. *Cat*


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