“Lyon Book Promotion Welcomes~New Author Steve Hauptman”


“I know all my readers are already wondering about this book just by the TITLE right?
It is the brand new book release by Author, Steve Hauptman and it is all about CONTROL! And how we need to just stop trying to control everything in and around our lives.”
And I know book bloggers and book reviewers are going to love this book and want to interview Steve as a guest author on their blogs. He has a funky kind of wit and humor about the human condition, as it shows on both his blogs and proves this fun fact right here on Monkeytraps: Were All Monkeys On This Bus . . .

This is a blog about the oldest human addiction: control.”

A Wee Bit More About The Author:

What you may not know about Author, Steve Hauptman, likes politics, psychology, cooking, literature and reading good books. He enjoys living in Rocky Point, New York and this is his first book release. Steve is a Gestalt-trained, Buddhist-flavored therapist who has practiced on Long Island for twenty years.

He graduated from Adelphi University’s School of Social Work, trained at the Gestalt Center of Long Island, and specializes in a unique control-centered approach that integrates elements of psychodynamic, Gestalt, cognitive-behavioral and family systems theory in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, dual disorders, codependency and relationship problems.

A leader of Interactive Therapy groups, he is also a cartoonist and creator of the blogs Monkeytraps: A blog about control, Monkey House (a forum for discussing control issues), and Bert’s Therapy: Adventures of an Inner Monkey . . .  What is this blog about? Steve say’s:


[] bert panel (print for edit)

A Monkeytraps reader once asked me to explain what Bert — this odd gumdrop-shaped gorilla — stands for.

“He’s my inner monkey,” I wrote back.  “He stands for the part of me that tries to control stuff.”

He stands for that part of you, too.  🙂

Steve’s Fav Quote?  “The more control you need, the less control you have.” (by me) …LOL

About The Book:

Product Details
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Something’s missing from your life. This much you know.

But did you know you may be looking for it in the wrong place?

This book is about a problem disguised as a solution, an idea that shapes and drives us all:


It’s about the universal urge to make reality meet our expectations. How this urge becomes an addiction, wrecking lives and relationships. How it leads to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, broken marriages, and dysfunctional parenting.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Why everyone is addicted to control
  • How this addiction causes most — if not all — of our emotional problems
  • How to listen to feelings instead of controlling them

Filled with actionable insights you can start using today, Monkeytraps is a must-read for anyone seeking happiness, healthier relationships, and more peace of mind.

Here are a few book reviews already coming in for Steve’s fantastic book already and what they like about it. His book is available on Amazon online in both paperback and e-book!

Awareness of the issue
Format: Kindle Edition

“Steve / (Bert) really drills down to the one “addiction” we can all associate with (unless you’re in denial). Control.

Speaking for myself; I have always wanted what I want and when I wanted it. But how can we control anything? To a large extent we can’t; we’re really mostly powerless, which leads to so many of societies and individuals social, financial, sexual, etc. ….. problems.
This book will not solve these issues or your own compulsive and controlling behavior. It will, however, make you keenly aware of where humans (not monkeys) are using such behavior. Once you are aware” ………

A Mind Opener
Format: Kindle Edition

“LOVE THIS BOOK! Well written, concise and very insightful. Think anyone would benefit from reading it – and it’s very easy to read. Really glad I found Steve’s blog, and grateful he put all his thoughts together in book form. If I could, would give Monkeytraps more stars than five!!” **********

So where else can you go connect with New Author, Steve Hauptman? On his social media links listed here:

His Book: Monkey Traps Now On Amazon
Goodreads: Connect on Goodreads ~ GR Author
Twitter:  Follow on Twitter with Steve
Facebook: Yes, Steve is on Facebook

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