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“Spring is in the air and authors are running free, .99 cent, or low-cost book promotion!  Then how about enhancing your promotion with low-cost book ad’s in conjunction with your promo to have a Successful Campaign?” Here’s How!

It is easy to run a special book promo or lower the price of your Kindle E-book and go for it! But you may want to do a couple more things to make it even better. Here are just a few of my trade secrets to having a fun and successful book promotion.

First, once you settle on a lower price for your e-book and the date? Give yourself a week out before running your promo and visit Reading Deals to add a low-cost book ad to run along with it.  Here is a little about what they have to offer:


Reading Deals


They have two to choose from. Just fill out the one you’d like and ready to go!  (E-book promo price has to be $2.99 or under, so read the guidelines please.) They email to thousands of readers and share throughout social media and their huge following. They are a part of my good friends Jason & RJ of Book Marketing Tools   who I write some articles for when invited.

Free Submission – All authors and publishers can submit their books to be considered on the dates of their book promo. These submissions are not guaranteed, but we will consider each book that is submitted. See our editorial guidelines for more information.

Guaranteed Submission – For a small fee, you can ensure that your book will be featured on and sent to our e-mail list. This way, you know that your book will reach readers in your chosen genre! This is subject to approval and if your book is not approved, you will receive a refund.

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Now, if you like reaching out to Facebook readers, and FB reader groups and Twitter readers? Then visit my good friend  Gary.O.Jones on Readers Gazette Book World and add a low-cost book ad campaign to go along with your special priced book promo. I use them all the time for my book and many of my clients when we run a fabulous book promotion. Here is where you start, as they offer just more than books. They have games, books, puzzles, articles, a blog and more going on there! They will share your promo on Twitter and Facebook with ease and watch your promo SOAR …
Authors Start Here With Your Facebook & One Easy Step!


Free Membership,

Hi Please sign in to Facebook, this part of the website needs a Facebook id
If you don’t want to sign in that’s fine, you are free to explore the rest of the site!
*Gary* login with facebook.

Just read the page for the info on all they offer for your book ad and you will see Awesome Results along with your Book or E-book promo!

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Now I know I had just had a guest article about “The Real Deal about the $.99 cent Book Promotion” last week. And even though it seemed a bit negative? There are many reasons why authors run special lower priced or free e-book promotions. It may be that they want more book reviews on Amazon to up their rankings, or maybe wanting to get a new book release up into the Top 25 or even #1 to reach Best Seller status on Amazon and not just for more Sales.

One more important tip! Make sure authors you go Create Event Page for your book promotion to invite all your FB readers & friends. Then go on Goodreads and do the same to increase the awareness of your promotion!

So, what ever the reason authors? Take my tips and advice above and just have a Successful and Fun Book Promotion!

Author and Book Promoter, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
“Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions”






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