Is Technology a Huge Distraction To Us Teens?

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Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


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Is technology a huge distraction to us teens? Personally I think it is because  first of all teens are always on their phones while walking across the cross walks or in busy areas, and second of all we don’t pay much attention to the people around us.

So many teens die from being on their phones while driving, walking across the street, and having no concentration of what they are doing. It’s not only the phones, it can be IPADS, tablets, computers, etc. There are so many pros and cons about this topic. Lets look at thee pros and cons about this topic…


  • Cellphones were originally used to check-in with parents and use it for emergencies.
  • Computers and laptops were originally used for learning, exploring, aid, homework, online schools, home school, music, etc.
  • IPADS or tablets were also a student aid for students to read books and also to use…

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  1. Thank you. I’m so glad you like my writing.

    I went on line yesterday to look at the latest climate report concerning February being the warmest on record. They are still using my original design as well as the graphs I developed in 1997.

    I created my first web page in 1993. The one I created in 1995 is still on line, I think. The NCDC Annual Report for 2001, that I designed and wrote, is also on line (as a PDF). All so so long ago.

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  2. I have written an essay on this theme, as well. The title is “Device Protection,” and it is posted on

    I’d love to know what you think of it.



    (Now, I’ll read more of your work…)

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    • Wow! Climate Research … Pretty impressive y. I just read your blog post and left my LONG thoughts! LOL. Love your blog and am now following “-)

      Catherine Lyon “-)

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