Now Orlando? Action On Gun Laws Needed NOW!

Here we go again! Another mass shooting in Orlando and again, NO GUN CONTROL LAWS passed. Here is my rage I posted on Facebook when I heard  on CNN another shooting has happened in Orlando, FL.



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“My thoughts and prayers to the families and those passed and wounded in another senseless shooting in Orlando, FL. … I posted this on my Author FB page first thing this morning. My heart goes out to those still looking for their loved that were inside the nightclub until all victims are accounted for” ….

OK, when is enough going to be enough? Was The San Bernardino Shooting a “Wake Up Call” that shootings will not stop unless we begin to change, add or enforce the “Gun Control Laws” in this Country?

How passing a bill to close the F _ _ KING loop-holes at “Gun Trade Shows and Internet Sales?”

NRA’ers you can complain all you want that any bill passed will take away your guns?


I am getting really TIRED of That EXCUSE!!

It is called “Gun CONTROL” PEOPLE, not “GUN Take Away” … I’m sure any of those who think just because a bill is passed we are trying to take your guns away when deep down YOU know that is not the case!

I am pretty Damn SURE ONE of the 50 people in this nightmare was YOUR wife, husband, son, daughter or someone you love was KILLED, your opinion about “Gun Control” would change real fast.

We can not afford more “DEAD BODIES OR MORE CARNAGE LIKE THIS!!!”

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A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub early Sunday, killing at least 50 people before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said. It was the worst mass shooting in American history.…

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OF Course, there were some comments left. But, it was interesting how it was kept civil and we all were able to agree to disagree on our feelings without Nastiness or HATE.
It was just a very Healthy Debate.


Christine Campbell so awful… much warning do we need

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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author I Know!!! And I am SO tired of the gun owners saying they are afraid that if any gun control laws are passed that it will mean the government will take away guns when they KNOW that is not going to happen! Tired of The NRA scaring people into thinking that will happen when it won’t!

Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author Thank You for Sharing!!

Christine Campbell
Christine Campbell anytime we were warned not if but when?

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Trey Clarke
Trey Clarke There has never been a gun involved crime where the gun acted alone. There is always a “person” behind it. Although, it is far easier to “control” or take away, or “gun grab” the weapon than it is to predict the “criminal” intent of a person or the lunacy of the mentally impaired soul.

I am a member of the NRA. I was raised around gun-toting rednecks and not once did any of us killed one person or a large number of them.
Nor did our guns act of their own accord.
Guns can be controlled. People can’t, to an extent. It is a slippery slope. But, I agree; there is a need for some RATIONAL control.
But, remember this….
If a madman wants to kill, he WILL.

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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author Well, I agree but Let’s Just see if “The Mad Man” has Mental illness of some kind and HE should not be able to have a gun to do this Carnage … That’s the whole Point ….

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Trey Clarke
Trey Clarke Oh yes. He was definitely mad.
And no, he shouldn’t have had access to a gun.
Problem is, he was an American citizen by birth. He “enjoyed” the same rights as all citizens. The problem is he was “radicalized” and appears from early reports that he was a little cracked.
Mark my words, Cat… Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author.
1) There will be an increase in troop involvement in the middle east.
2) There will be escalation of huge proportions in air raids to the extent where the welfare of non-combatants will no longer be a concern.
3) There will be a be a more insistent call for Muslim registration. (circa WWII)
4) Internment
Watch and see

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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author Look, I too was raised around guns as a teen, my brother-in-law was Military Police and a County Sheriff in So. Cal. and he and I would go target shooting out in the country. And, he was a member of the NRA.

But he understood the other side of things  

Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author Isn’t it awesome that we all can have this discussion, and maybe agree to disagree on some points without any hate speech or some feeling it is their way or NO Way???
Important aspect of a Healthy Debate & Conversation right Trey Clarke “-)

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Trey Clarke
Trey Clarke That’s because we are intelligent

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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author LOL.. Of Course!

Rebecca J Detar
Rebecca J Detar · Friends with Jennifer Owenby

It’s the HEARTS of the people. Controlling guns will not fix the problem. Evil is in the hearts of these people. They will find another way!
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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author YES, they may find another way, but if we have laws it makes it Harder for it to be “The Way of a GUN.”

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Patrick Ferguson
Patrick Ferguson 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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Catharine MacDonald
Catharine MacDonald · Friends with Carol Weir

Why are assault rifles available anyway? Last I heard, the deer weren’t shooting back.
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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author RIGHT??? Makes no sense.

Michelle Redmon
Michelle Redmon You can go door to door collect every gun. People will find a way to hurt others. They can go to their local feed store etc, pick up fertilizer or some other chemical and make a bomb like they did in Oklahoma City and do way more destruction. Evil will always be with us. Look out for one another. Don’t be afraid to report suspicious activity. Protect your neighbors, your fellow-man!

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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author AMEN Michelle! You are correct. When people have Hate in their Hearts, they will and can find another was to hurt others. I do feel, and I am not a religion nut, all need to read The Book of Revelations in the Bible …. it does say how our world and society will change and become full of evil … I feel it is coming to pass. Very Sad ..

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Michelle Redmon
Michelle Redmon Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author we need each other to love but to be wary of our surroundings. Our country is dividing instead of coming together like a neighborhood watch.

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Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author
Catherine Townsend-Lyon Author Very true. But it seems NO one wants to get involved these days. Very sad. You see it on the news all the time when a shooting happens and police and investigators go door to door asking if they seen anything, they are fearful to come forward. People need to be aware of what is going on and Report It …

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SEE, people can have passion about how they feel and not have to rude or full of hate to carry on a healthy conversation. We were all made different for a reason, but we can all agree to disagree in kind friendly manner. Now I want to share below a post made, and also what I had seen on the news about someone who was looking for a person, who ended up one of the victims that died and the last communication he had with his mom. It so heartbreaking!!!

“A young man who is now confirmed dead sent this text to his mum from inside the club:

“Mommy I love you”

“I’m in club they are shooting.”

She shared the text message exchange with the Associated Press, in which her son told her that he was trapped in the bathroom at Pulse, and asked her to call the police. The 9-1-1 dispatcher had her stay on the line.

At 2:39 a.m., the most devastating texts began to come:
“Call them mommy / Now. / He’s coming / I’m gonna die”…

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“So what are your thoughts and feelings about this tragedy? How do you think we can make changes be it Gun Control Laws or other means to hopefully stop these tragic shootings and events from happening so often? Is this just the society we live in these days? Can we ever have Harmony and Peace in our World? I scratch my head and think? How as people did we get to this point in our society? Can we ever go back to the “Good Ole Days ?”

“With the internet and tech explosion, I really don’t think so. Is this more of a religious thing? Like the writings in The Bible of The Book of Revelations and the last days on earth? I don’t have a clue, but many things in the last few decades seems to be happening. Just my opinion and how I see our world. Share your thoughts” …

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“My Thoughts, Prayers, and Sympathies to the families who lost a loved one in this tragic shooting. And to those hurt as well a speedy recovery. No words can ever take the place of what you went through in that night club. Just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE”  ….

Fox Orlando Shooting ….


Prayers to the victims accounted for so far ….





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