Press Release ~ New Book “Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain”

Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain: A Recovery GPS: How to find your path to Recovery and not get lost along the way by [Morse, Irwin, Stark, Roger]

Author, Roger Stark & Co-Author, Irwin Morse Release New Book.

Lyon Book Promotions announces a new addiction/recovery book release by Author, Roger and Co-author Irwin Morse titled, “Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain: A Recovery GPS: How to find your path to Recovery and not get lost along the way.” Now available on Amazon in The Kindle store and now in paperback and available on their website: Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain

Phoenix, Arizona, June 16th, 2016., Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions is pleased to announce that Author, Roger Stark and Co-author, Irwin Morse are now featured on the popular book site Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions – joining the ranks of many fine authors we represent and promote. As featured recovery writers, we are honored to showcase their books here on Lyon Book Promotions. Also, at Lyon Promotions, book fans can browse and search all our authors and their new releases, read book reviews, and learn more about new authors from our “Author Spotlights.”

Stark of Washington state and Morse of New York are currently promoting “Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain.” A fantastic recovery “how to guide” about friends and family who are baffled by the behaviors, antics, and thinking of the addicted one. Their patience, tolerance, and love are depleted quickly. Eventually, their empathy and compassion exhausted, they say the inevitable, “He will just have to hit bottom,” as they shake their heads and walk away. “Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain” reviews the return journey from addict land, the learning of how to leave our thinking errors behind.

Written around the recovery story of one man from alcohol and sex addiction, clinical notes, and comments appear throughout the story helping the reader to understand this baffling disease. Addicts report being able to see their behaviors that were previously hidden from them when they are manifest in someone else. Reading George’s (the book’s addicted character) story and misadventures creates ‘aha’ moments of understanding that can open the doors to recovery.

Visit Stark’s at Reclaim Website  and connect with them on their Facebook Page as well. Like many other authors, Stark and Morse are making use of the exceptional promoting services for writers to market their books.

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