Lyon Book Promotions Welcomes Author, Kevin Cooper A Fantastic Friend, Author, Musician, and Family Man.

It’s not every day you get to ‘Shine The Spotlight’ on a dear friend and author …
Please meet Musician & Author, Kevin Cooper of KC Books and Music.



Kevin Cooper
( Author, Kevin Cooper AKA, … Couch Potato. Lol.)

So, I happen to catch up with my buddy Kevin Cooper as he has been kind enough to help some of my authors I book promote for with fantastic Author Guest Interviews and Book Reviews on his newly freshened up WordPress website KC Books and Music. Many don’t know that Kevin is also a songwriter as he wears many hats. Author, Songwriter, Book Reviewer, Book Blogger, A Poet, and OH MY I just can not keep up with him! Lol.

You are most likely wondering just how Kevin and I met? Well, when my current book was released way back in November 2012, Kevin and I met on social media. I happened to notice he was doing book reviews on his blog, so I asked if he would read and review my book. He was very kind to oblige me,  and he was my very first ‘Author Interview and Review’ blog was on. Wow! We have known each other almost 4 years now. And I have been blessed with his friendship since then!
Not only did he read and review my book, but he also did a fabulous book review post of it on his blog too! He had an INSTANT Friend for LIFE! Lol. So in order to catch up with my buddy, I did send him a few “burning desire” questions to see what’s been going on with him over in the UK and here is all the hot KC gossip you will only read here.


Q.) Can you give us a peek into your family life and how your family feels about you being a writer/author?

A.) I live with my wonderful wife, Pat and our two little ones, Aragorn and Rico. Pat is very supportive of my writing, even Aragorn comes to see how I’m doing while I’m typing, and he lets me know when I need to take a break and spend some time with him instead. Rico, however, is far too busy for any of that!


Q.) Where do you live and why you like living there?

A.) I live in Hull which has a population of almost 259,000 and is set in the idyllic countryside of the East Riding of Yorkshire. My wife and I do our best to make the most of the coastal areas of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Q.) What brought you to writing?

A.) My admiration for great authors like JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Terry Brooks, and Philip Pullman to name just a few.

Q.) What is the title and genre of the book your newest published?

A.) The book I currently have with my publisher is called, Caboodle & The Whole Kit. It’s a collection of short stories, poetry, and songs of various genres.

Q.) Can you summarize your book in two short sentences?

A.) Caboodle is filled with relaxing episodes of life, family, love & romance, faith, and even the odd, inadvertent run-ins with some quite unsavory characters. There is something for everyone in Caboodle.

Q.) How did you come up with the title?

A.) I threw a little bit of everything in this work and with that in mind I thought, Mm… I’ve got the whole kit and caboodle here and that’s where I borrowed my title from. 🙂

Q.) Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

A.) Anyone and Everyone… Adults of pretty much any age. There are stories and poems for lovers, family, people of faith, people who like fiction, Sci-Fi, and real life tales, people who like reading lyrics and finding meaning in them, People who like flash fiction and/or poetry.

They should read it because they will find something somewhere in Caboodle. It may make them laugh, cry, feel a sense of well-being or intrigue, or even offer some kind of enlightenment… You just never know when you’re reading Caboodle & The Whole Kit!


(You never know where Kev will show up next!)

Q.) As if I don’t know already, who is your favorite character from your book and why

A.) Gollum, I have an interlude with Gollum… One of Tolkien’s characters… he’s an interesting character, to say the least.

Q.) And lastly, what is your favorite color & favorite food?

A.) I love lots of colors but if I were to pick one, it would be blue. Fish & Chips… I am English after all! 🙂  Lol.

Now let me share a little more about what keeps Kevin occupied besides books, music, blogging. Her name? Pat his wife!

Kevin and Pat have their own blog together! See, Kevin and Pat had been living together for almost 8 LONG Years, LOL, and they finally took the “marriage plunge” on Feb 14th, 2013. So, this blog is all about marriage, family as they have 2 babies, of the “furry” variety. I KNEW he was a CAT guy!  🙂

So on their blog together,  Love, Life, Tears, & Laughter they share their home life and just what married people do! … LOL. So make sure you go visit as the blog posts are interesting and humorous, to say the least.


( Rico and Aragorn ~ Furry Babies )


What is Kevin working on now? Well, he has written some wonderful books. He was kind enough to share a “Cover Reveal” with us of his new book titled;  Caboodle & The Whole Kit. It will be out later this year. Kevin now offers a new service on his site! He now designs Book Covers right here:  Kev’s Book CoversAnd, of course, he is an author as well. His two newest books are;  “The Wizard: The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn: The Chronicles of Geo” Book one, and  “Animal Tales”  both are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.


The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn's Horn: The Chronicles of Geo Book One           Animal Tales
( click books to purchase on Amazon today! )


So, where else can you connect with my good friend Kevin Cooper beside’s his awesome websites? He is all over Social Media Baby! …. (See below)

So go connect with him and tell him *Cat* sent you. I want to thank ‘Kevin’ for letting me share him with all my blog and reader friends who come to visit. And? I hope I didn’t make “The Hot Seat” too hot for you Kevin! And authors? Don’t hesitate to go visit Kevin’s website to see how he can help you with a book cover for your next book, maybe a book review and more KC Books & Music …


Kev’s Social Media:

Kevin on FB
Kev on Goodreads
Kev is on Twitter
And on Google+

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