Stop Blaming Bernie

I do believe it will be interesting to how the voter’s vote come November if they even show up at the polls at all. Great post I needed to share by Erica. YOU HAVE to go visit her blog. It’s Fabulous!

Author, Catherine Lyon “-)

Suburban Hobo


(photo – Jack Gruber, USA Today)

As an ardent Bernie Sanders’ supporter, I must take umbrage at the call for Bernie to somehow coerce his supporters into vowing allegiance to Camp Hillary. I am not saying that I will not vote for Hillary in November, but I am not a fan.

An article in today’s New York Times is entitled “Sanders Faces Task of Putting Down Revolt He Started.” Why is it his duty to quell the so-called “revolt”? Why should he abandon his beliefs and what he has fought for his entire life and during his campaign simply to kowtow to the DNC? Especially after leaked emails revealed how they tried to destroy his campaign and credibility. At the very least, the DNC should apologize to Bernie and the American people for trying to undermine his hard-fought run and malign his faith.

I didn’t have the heart to listen to his speech last…

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