It Has Been a Great 3-year Run with “Lyon Book & Social Media Promos” Readers and Authors!

Hello Readers, Friends, and Authors,





So it is with a heavy heart, but a very excited one as well, as I announce that I will be winding down and closing ‘Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions.’  I hope you will not be too upset with me as “The Man Upstairs” seems to have a different path I am to take ..LOL

Almost a year ago I was offered a new recovery writing columnist position with a premier publication called, “In Recovery Magazine’s ~ The Author’s Cafe.” And most of you know I live my life in recovery from gambling addiction with alcohol abuse for almost 10-years. But also research new recovery books, films, and other items for our magazine’s “The Bookstand.” It is a great way for recovery artists to get exceptional national and international exposure with advertising their talent and craft in our magazine.

When I first started book promoting, I wanted to help the many fantastic recovery authors and writers out there learn how to promote their books throughout social media. And at the time it seemed only mainstream authors were looking for help and not many recovery authors at the time. Now it seems that has changed.

So it is now time to change my direction in life and in my career as I am also writing for many other publications besides IRM.  And yes, my clients told me they didn’t want me to go! LOL. That made me feel AWESOME!

But honestly, I just don’t have the time to all of it. It is a huge accomplishment for me both professionally and financially, but, they will be full-time positions. My recovery has and needs to always come first in my life, especially if I can also make a living at it. My recovery and my faith are what brought these blessings my way. And why I have a beautiful life today.

So, I didn’t want everyone to feel like have abandoned you. I will have changed a few things already and will continue to have my “Monthly Hot Book Picks” list and I will keep most importantly my  “Authors Tips and Advice Page” going as well and keep it updated so I can still help and support ALL Authors to learn How and Where to Promote your Book. And readers can still come find awesome reads by many fine authors.



It truly has been fun and an honor to have had the chance to help many authors these past years. And you just never know? The future could more changes and maybe I will be back.

So Thank You to all who have come to visit and to those who helped make my Former Business a Huge Success! I hope you still come visit my New “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den” anytime!

I will miss you all very much! XOXO *Cat*

Blessings Friends,
Catherine Townsend-Lyon, 

6 thoughts on “It Has Been a Great 3-year Run with “Lyon Book & Social Media Promos” Readers and Authors!

  1. Dearest Catherine;

    I must say that this is both sad yet wonderful news, and though I am most sorry to see you leave what you have successfully built, I am happy to see you gain a new height in your career, and a height that will bring you the recognition you so deserve. You have always been one of my best supporters, not only through your coverage and promotion of my work, but as a friend who is there with encouraging words when needed the most, and a pat on the back when achievement is finally recognized. I wish you only the best, and I know we shall stay in touch – that is what friends do – so I shall see you around.

    Hugs & Blessings,
    Rusty Blackwood

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    • YES They Do! We will stay in touch my dear friend. I have made a few changes as I wrote, and will keep you book up on the Monthly Hot Books page! Always know I am here to support you and all authors now on my “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den” as I am still an Avid Reader xoxo….

      Thank you so much for your kind words, support, and encouragement. I will miss having the day to day engagement with my clients/friends, but I will still be all over social media! LOL. Big hugs & Blessings your way 🙂 *Cat*


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