Now That The Election Hoop-La is Over! Americans and Those in Recovery Unite.

Hello Readers and Friends,

Just wanted to share as I know MANY are feeling “Fear and a wee bit of Depression” after this Brutal Election and who our new President Is.
I know I am and it is a real disorder I suffer …. Catherine

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Clinton, In Concession Speech:U.S.
“More Deeply Divided Than We Thought”


WELL, that clearly didn’t happen last night while I was asleep snug in my bed! I woke up this morning thinking I must had a very BAD DREAM as I woke to the new’s of Donald Trump as America’s new President!! OH SHIT was NOT a DREAM!

So I grab the nearest brown paper back and started a full on FEAR Attack!! No, really!! This isn’t a joke on my part. I am truly in fear of what is going to happen now that our next President-Elect is Donald Trump. And as a person with mental health issues, and reading of what Americans were saying, tweeting and posting all over social media? Didn’t see this coming at all. Ok, yes, maybe I am a “nut” but my fears are real. 

So as I woke up and seeing all the news and…

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