Let’s Have Some Fun Readers with Maria and Her ETERNAMENTA Blog Awards for “Most Talented Reader.”

Hello, Welcome Readers, Bloggers, and Friends!


Now all my friends know I enjoy a good book and I consider myself an avid reader. So when I was alerted to a fabulous blogger named Maria KethuProfumo and  learned about this fun event and awards she is holding on her blog, I just had to accept! And I hope many of my blog friends will too. I know there are many book bloggers and blog reviewers out here in WordPressville. So come join the fun. Here are the “Rules to Participate” and I feel I am qualified to be entered and participate……

WHY do I want to Participate ? I feel I am a “helper” to other authors by taking the time to read the hard word they put into their craft as a writer. Authors are very talented people who come in many forms. Some are good with writing thrilling Mysteries or Suspense reads, many are fabulous as writers of Murder, Sci-Fi, Romance and so many genres. As a qualified avid reader, I always make sure I go back and “Leave A Book Review” for the author to share thoughts and comments on why I enjoyed reading their books. That IS the best gift you can give an author. I had been book promoting many fine authors for more than 3 years right here on my blog, so I have read a lot of books! That is why I want to be a part of this awesome Award Event.

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“The Rules”

Dear Bloggers,

“Blogging doesn’t mean only writing, it is reading as well. And good reading certainly changes our life for the better. Milorad Pavic used to say: “there are more talented Readers than Authors.”  So, tell us what kind of Reader you are and be awarded as an “Honored Reader.”

Terms of Participation:

  1. Let us know that you wish to participate in our award: leave us a comment to this post or confirm a personal invitation you’ve got. ( Done! )

  2. Write a post explaining why you’re a talented Reader and what good experience you’ve got through blog reading. Name the post ‘On Eternamenta Awards’. Send us a link.  ( Done! )
  3. Inform any 5 bloggers (certainly good Readers too) about our award for them to participate too. (You might simply mention them in your post.) ( And Done! )

    1.)  HarsH ReaLiTy | A Good Blog is Hard to Find


    2.)  Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author | A writer inspired by nature and …


    3.)  The Public Blogger


    4.)  Fiction Favorites | with John W. Howell




    *These Are My Five Chosen Bloggers for this Award!*

    The voting period starts the 1st of December of 2016 and ends the 28th of January of 2017.

           Winners will be announced during the first week of March via a post in our blog        and a personal message to them.

Our award is non-commercial; however, we guarantee some nice special Readers’ prizes.

Good luck to all!

Best Regards,  Maria KethuProfumo of  Eternamenta Blog

Happy Reading Friends! ~  Author & Columnist for In Recovery Magazine,
Catherine Townsend-Lyon XOXO  🙂


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    • Thank You SO much! I will be promoting you and this awesome event throughout social media to all my readers and author pals XOXO … Maybe we can get you some new Blog Visitors! 🙂


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