Introducing My New Book and Awesome New Book Reviews.

Do you enjoy reading about other religions and cultures? Do think we are as humans spiritually connected by souls no matter our culture or where we come from? Then come visit a new blog and learn about Diane Olsen’s new book! I loved it and gave her 5-STARS!

*Catherine Lyon*

Diane Olsen~Award Winning Author

As a new author like many of you, I find it interesting why it is we can not seem to find the “perfect recipe” for readers to leave us a book review when the finish our books? So when I do receive new one’s I think it’s appropriate to share them. I thank those readers who have been kind to read and leave a book review on Amazon,  Goodreads,  and  Barnes and Noble .  .  .



diane-mulberger-olsenancient-waysthe-roots-of-religion Diane Olsen Introduces

“In order to enjoy this book, you may have to suspend current beliefs, since some of the concepts may seem quite foreign at first. Hopefully, you will find precious gems to take with you.”

What if monotheism always existed, and revelations were given to all human forms. There are hints to that effect. We should not assume primitive peoples were not smart…

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