Chaos Is Everywhere. How To Survive And Save Your Sanity. . .

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We do live in “strange times” lately and THIS post will make you feel calm in a crazy world. By my dear friend Author, Marilyn Fowler.

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The World Book Encyclopedia describes chaos as great confusion and complete disorder. And right now, today, we live in a world consumed by chaos with lawlessness, unrestraint, and unaccountability. We have adopted a “Us and Them” mentality where people are consumed with hatefor others unlike themselves. And this mentality reaches everyone on earth at every level…nation against nation, group against group, brother against brother. This chaotic atmosphere disrupts every aspect of our lives.

I sometimes wonder how we got here to this place of such unrest. Could it be that while we slept, the Us and Them mentality, obsessed with power and control, expressed like a run-away train saying,“Climb aboard and join us on this chaotic ride to hell?” And we forgot who we are?

I lived through the Great Depression, hot and cold wars, protests in the streets, man’s wars against humanity, cruel treatment of…

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