I am so Surprised and very Honored and a BIG Thank You to my dear friend and hardest working “Blogger” I know here on WP! Maria, you give SO much of Yourself to all of us Bloggers, Authors, and Readers!

I am very humbled for this ” Most Inspiring Reader Award” as I try to put Passion into my reading and reviews, and to help authors just as I do in my recovery! So thank you for this … PLEASE friends, go visit Maria KethuProfumo’s blog Today!

Catherine X0


Dear Friends,

finally this day has come! We’re ready to announce the winners of our award ‘Most Talented Reader’. Thank you for finding some spare time and sharing your brilliant considerations upon reading. Keep on improving your skill and spreading wisdom through your personal perception into the world.


So, here they are:

  • Catherine Townsend-Lyon as Most Inspiring Reader.

  • Ron as Most Encouraging Reader.

  • Toortsie as Most Fabulous Reader.

We’ve got a number of independent participants, who don’t blog. So we nominate Irina, a Professional Embroideress with Gold, for her profound considerations on reading, as Most Audacious Reader:

‘ In daily routine we can’t always find some time for reading. Why should we read if we can find some information in the Internet or watch a movie scripted on the book? Indeed. Though…what if you decide to learn an ancient craft or to become a…

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    • WHAT!!!???

      Please Email me or even maybe I can call you? What is going on? How can I support you? But I do understand about unplugging for a while. I need to do the same at least for about a month…. Love you Deb Xo



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