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Cathleen Townsend

writing-quotesI write. Itโ€™s an impulse born from the need to escape overwhelming sorrow, but itโ€™s become much more. Writing expresses my rage at the gap between what the world is and what it should be, at the short-sighted selfishness that kneecaps even the most determined attempts at beauty. I hold up love, honor, courage, and fidelity as banners, daring others to call them fairy tales. And I desperately hope itโ€™s enough to justify my place on an increasingly crowded planet.

I love waking up. I even stay up late and take naps when I can, so I can do it twice. For that perfect moment, everything is clear. Fresh from being cradled in the arms of God, my thoughts are briefly transcendent. At that moment, I feel like I can write everything. A few paragraphs will send me leaping over the Misty Mountains of my desire, and this time, Iโ€ฆ

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