Authors: Book Promote Like A Pro!

Big Thanks to my dear friend Marilyn Davis for having me as a guest writer on her FABULOUS Writers and Author website. She is a must have expert in your corner authors! Her site is award-winning with loads of helpful advice… Here is some of my new article about Book Promoting Like A PRO!


Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

“Promoting a new book can feel like being a fern at the bottom of the Redwood Forest.”

~Scott Biddulph~

By Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Book Promoting: Everything Under the Sun, But…..

Are you a new author and have just released a new book and thinking, now what? Sadly, many publishers leave the author to fend for themselves when it comes to promoting and marketing their books!

Many new writers seem to be promised the world on a silver platter when a publisher is courting them to publish their books with them; and, as a new author, you are so excited about your book being out in the world, so you don’t remember half of what the publisher has offered you. Some don’t even read through their contracts. And I hear all the time from my book promoting clients how they were verbally promised everything under the sun, including promoting their book. Sadly…

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