Thanks To Irma…A Blog Post Re-share: “How To Survive Your Storms And Grow Stronger.”

Hello Friends and Visitors,

My friend Marilyn always seems to keep a positive outlook when even a major Hurricane is barreling her way! She lives in Jacksonville, FL and it looks like Irma is going that way so far, so keep HER and all Floridians in your prayers PLEASE…CAT

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Hello and Welcome Friends, Readers, and New Visitors,

I am a little early this week with a post here on my blog, and thanks to my friend Author, Cat Lyon who is placing this post up for me as I am preparing for a dangerous hurricane. Yes, I live in Florida and IRMA seems she wants to make a “Grand Entrance” into Florida!

This had me thinking of a post I did when I first came to WordPress about ‘Weathering Life Storms.”  Doesn’t matter if it is a storm of mother nature or a life event, we can grow stronger from the experience and pick up the pieces and move on. So please keep Florida in your prayers as THIS storm moves past us…

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“Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s storming now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for the sunshine.” ~ Unknown

The storm has passed. It’s 

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