How To Relieve Stress And Find Your Holiday Miracles.

Now Marilyn and I have been friends for a long while now and her blog is filled with Wisdom, Self-Help, and Solid Advice like this Holiday Post!
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Welcome readers and friends and Wishing you all a very blessed and happy holiday season!

It’s December, and holiday planning is everywhere. More cars are on the road with fewer places to park, stores are picking up traffic, you see more ads on TV, holiday trimmings are going up, and everyone’s looking for just the right gift. In other words, everything’s progressing into the usual chaotic rush that strikes this time every year. It can be a time of constant stress OR it can be a time of wonderment and miracles…if you make it so. And isn’t it wonderful? Or is it?

Many people are so consumed with doing, they miss the fun of being. They try to move through each day on autopilot without much thought to where they’re going. It’s easy to forget things, then have to backtrack to remedy the forgetting. And pleasant experiences can…

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