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Award Winning Author Kim Carter

BOOK REVIEW ~ “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle” ~ Book One ~ Author: Kim Carter
Title: Sweet Dreams Baby Belle
Genre(s): Literature and fiction; Historical; Mystery; Suspense
Stars: 4

Review: This novel starts out with an exciting scene that displays the cruelty of the villain, Dr. Grant Chatsworth. Although I much prefer for the mystery to be unveiled towards the end, I think the introduction alluded to how twisted the story would become. The beginning of the novel overall is quite simmering. It took about 100 pages for me to feel connected to Lizzie’s character because she came across as lacking in depth. However, as the story progressed readers are able to see a lot more of her inner strength that was repressed over the years she spent as Dr. Chatsworth’s young wife. Despite the main story following Lizzie and Dr. Chatsworth, my favorite characters in the novel are Clara and Iris.

They are two best friends in the midst of retirement who get caught up in uncovering Dr. Chatsworth’s scheme. The best part about these women is how they balance one another out. Clara is sensible and intelligent, while Iris is sassy and adventurous. I think their teamwork added a lot to the novel and it made it very fun to read. Overall, the writing style is very fluid and easy to follow, the storyline was unique, and the characters were intriguing. I recommend this to anyone who likes a slow-burning mystery that also has humor.

Book Description: “Waitress Lizzie Headrick thought she had finally met her prince charming in Dr. Grant Chatsworth. She was young and in love, and their quick courtship ended with the four-carat diamond engagement ring of her dreams. Now residing in one of Buckhead’s finest estates, Lizzie soon learns all that glitters is not gold. Her handsome husband, a renowned cardiac surgeon, and developer of a new congestive heart failure drug was becoming cruel and controlling. She finds herself captive in the vast expanse of his estate without a phone or car, and under the watchful eye of Flossie who runs the household. When Lizzie discovers that Cardiac Care Research, his drug development company, is a Ponzi scheme, she realizes her life could be in danger if she doesn’t somehow escape the gated mansion on the hill.

Her only hope is to get to Biloxi, Mississippi and seek refuge with her sister, Maggie. Maggie and her husband, Leland, quickly find a safe harbor for Lizzie in a house on the bayou. However, the house at the end of the street might not be the quiet retreat Lizzie was hoping for. As the confines of her hideaway close in on her, she retreats to the small historical cemetery next door where the small, damaged tombstone of a child soon catches her eye and captures her heart. Just when Lizzie Chatsworth thinks her world can’t get any more complicated, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery from the 1800’s that is pulling her in and demanding she seeks justice. As her husband’s empire begins to crumble, he’s more determined than ever to find Lizzie and eliminate her.
But, will the mystery of the small tombstone end Lizzie’s life first?




Title: Murder Among the Tombstones
Genre(s): Mystery; Thriller and suspense
Stars: 5

ReviewMurder Among the Tombstones begins similarly to Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle in that the opening scene provides readers with insight into the murder that leaves the remaining characters in search for the perpetrator. As I mentioned in my review for Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle I enjoyed Clara and Iris immensely and their likability definitely carried over into this novel. The elderly women decide to open their own private investigation business after they uncovered a Ponzi scheme in the previous novel.

A good portion of the beginning of the novel provides readers with a humorous start as Clara and Iris develop their new business into something worthy of the patrons. Readers also learn about the detectives working the murder case and how difficult their job is to find the perpetrator. As the story unfolds, Clara and Iris are called to help unveil the mystery. They add so much humor and realism to the novel; there were multiple times when I found myself laughing out loud at Clara and Iris’s banter. I think the development of the plot was engaging and enjoyable to follow. I’d say this novel would be excellent if you prefer to have a lighter read within the mystery/suspense genre. This won’t necessarily be a chilling read or the novel that keeps you up at night, but you will find yourself smiling and laughing throughout as a team of characters uncovers the truth about a terrible situation.

Book Description: “A Clara and Iris Mystery When Atlanta homicide detectives are called in to investigate the murder of a nineteen-year-old girl found dumped in historic Oakland Cemetery, they immediately begin working the case. But with no leads to follow, and their case log growing larger by the day, the murder quickly grows cold. Desperate to keep the investigation of her deceased sister going, Ginger Baines hires two novice sleuths to solve the case. Widowed, well into their seventies, and new to the world of private investigating, Clara Samples and Iris Hadley aren’t your average private eyes. When a second body is found in a neighboring cemetery, the plot thickens. With two bodies wrapped, almost lovingly, in a soft blanket before being discarded in a cemetery, could a serial killer be on the loose? Joined by their young apprentice Quita, Clara and Iris are determined to stop at nothing to find the killer before they can strike again. But, will their bodies be the next ones discovered among the tombstones?”


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Award-winning author Kim Carter is a prolific writer of contemporary mystery, suspense, and edge-of-your-seat thriller reads. Book two of her new novel series has won a 2017 Readers’ Choice Award. A fan favorite among avid mystery readers, Kim has newly re-released When Dawn Never Comes, No Second Chances, and Deadly Odds in all new editions in January 2018. The Clara and Iris Mystery series includes Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle as book one of the series in June 2017. Book two, Murder Among The Tombstones, released August 2017, and the book award winner!

Kim has now released another new mystery titled And The Forecast Calls For Rain in January 2018. All her books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Smashwords. They are all published by Raven South Publishing of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim has been writing mysteries for some time and has a large reader fan base and she enjoys interacting and engaging with them all. One of her favorite things about writing is the traveling and research required to bring her novels to life. Her research has taken her to places such as morgues, death row, and midnight cemetery visits.

Kim and her husband have raised three successful grown children. As empty nesters, they spend their time with their three retired greyhounds. She is a college graduate of Saint Leo University, has a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Sociology, and now has become a career writer and author. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Between reading and traveling with her beautiful family, she will continue to write mysteries for some time to come for her avid readers.

Author, Kim Carter is always available for author appearances, book signings, and guest interviews. Interested book retailers can order her books by contacting: Raven South Publishing – Attn. Kelly Keylon Email:


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