My Zen Recovery ~ Special Guest Post By Living Master Genro Xuan Lou, Laoshi. “Enlightenment Awaits You”

Hello Book Readers,
I am honored again to have a second Guest Post by a living Master to share with you! No reason why we avid readers can’t be a little “enlightened and have “happiness” too! I’m excited to have Master and his co-author, Cliff Stevens back. Their book is an amazing read for everyone … CAT

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It is not often I meet two very special people who have entered my life and learning so much from. Master Genro is one of the few living Zen Masters of today. Author, Clifford Stevens has had the privilege of being taught by Master Genro. And after reading their new book, “Find The Seeker! The Pathless Path to Fulfillment and Happiness” I have been using all the wisdom and unique advice and incorporating it into my recovery path. It has uplifted my spirit, enlightens my soul as I maintain my recovery in being more humbled and grateful.

See, when we choose to finally see and reach out to the tiny sliver of light of HOPE and abandon the bondage of addictions, we can choose a path or journey of our choice as we can begin to heal and work toward making healthy change within our “inner selves.” This is more…

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