Cat’s Avid Reader Pick of The Week and His Fabulous Website. Let’s Meet Himanish Prabhakar of ‘The Literal Arts’

“I met Himanish through Facebook as he “Stalks” one of my Fabulous Award-winning Authors I book promote for named Adriana Gavazzoni. I think he is in love with her, or many he is Cray-Cray about her “Hidden Motives” Trilogy just as I am.”

He is a NetGalley reader, is on Goodreads, and on Amazon Reviews Ranking!

About – New Delhi

I’m an avid reader, a writer, full-time senior IT professional, photographer and a cheerful person.

Reviewer ranking


My Amazon Ranking? I have him beat! Reviewer ranking – #141,133  LOL!!

Cat Lyon reviewed a product.

May 18, 2018
The Brilliant Game (Hidden Motives Book 3)
Never Seen This Ending Coming!
Never Saw The Ending Coming and Wow, What A Fabulous Finale of This Trilogy!

From the first awarding-winning “Behind the Door” begins a thrilling and steamy into of a sex game or…


I’m a complete Delhitte, born and brought up in Delhi, India. I’m a creator, an innovator, an artist, an avid reader, an engineer, believer and most of all curious about almost everything happening around. I am a completely logical person wanting to find and understand the logic behind everything. If I didn’t get the logic I definitely will not believe. I am a fighter, no matter how complex the situation is, I know I can deal with it because I trust three people in my life My Family, My friends…, and most of all in me.

Great passion for food, photography, and music.

I love to shoot in still or motion photography whenever I get chance to create it. Distilled, Night, Amber, Nature, Abstract, City, People,  any kind of photography. Love to visit different exhibitions of photographs and paintings. I just love the work in category People by “Sean Archer, Dmitry, Fedor”, Landscapes by Marvin Sobas, Photo Shoot expert Joël Bear and Night Photography expert Tanner Wendell Stewart…, and many more… So come visit my website: “Himanish Prabhakar.”

I read a lot then review books and post about them on my FB Book & Author Review PageGoodReads, and Amazon. I write about food and restaurants on Zomato and my Food FB Page.

So come meet Himanish the Avid Reader and visit his website Today!




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