Introducing A Different Kind of Angel

Big Ole Congrats to my friend Paulette for releasing a new BOOK! Come read the fabulous reviews coming in already and tell her CAT sent you xoxo
Author, Catherine Lyon

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

My new book is live on Amazon. As with all my other books, all the profits from it will go to help get dogs out of kill shelters.  I’m grateful for all the support my books have received. To everyone who has or plans to purchase a book and additionally take the time to write a review, thank you. Each purchase and review is given attention by Amazon in ranking a book and that means promotion. A lot of dogs will benefit.

Links to purchase my new book in the U.S. and it will also be available on other Amazon sites around the world.


Inspired by real events chronicled by journalist for The World News, Elizabeth Cochrane (pen name, Nellie Bly), in 1887.

Klara Gelfman’s life in Kiev was serene until she turned nineteen. That’s when Russia’s Tsar Alexander II was assassinated, and a vicious propaganda campaign spread that…

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